ASF Run for Education: A Big Success!

Run for Education is one of our most important community builders that supports the Endowment Fund for Financial Aid. Our 10th edition of the race was held on March 9, on International Women’s Day! Runners were encouraged to wear purple to commemorate this special day. 

We would like to thank As Deporte for helping us host our traditional 10th Run for Education. We’d also like to give out a shout out to Marissa Russell who hosted classes during our event and to our alumni that ran and enjoyed this wonderful event. ASF welcomed more than 2000 attendees this year, from parents and students, to community running enthusiasts and our race was SOLD OUT! 

Did you visit any of our food vendors? They were also amazing - offering everything from coffee to hamburgers, crepes, scones, salads and event coconut water! 

Thank you to our sponsors whose donations contribute to the Endowment Fund for Financial Aid: Best Buy, LIPU, Mercedes Starhaus, Gepp, Garmin, Sersana, Síclo, Bok, Balance 22, Fiesta Americana, Chedraui, Eva, Origen Verde, Toulouse Crepes, Kona Ice, Scones.

We are grateful for our ASF staff who worked tirelessly during the weekend and congratulations to our 3K raffle winners and category runner winners! Click here for the event video.

ASF Winners

  • 5k Female - Ana Méndez, 3rd Place
  • 10k Female - Kennedi Munson, 1st Place
  • 10k Female - Rika Kariya, 3rd Place
  • 10k Male, Andrew Ohrn, 3rd place

Overall Winners 

5K Women

  • 1st - Flor Edith González
  • 2nd - Mayra Daza Ramírez,
  • 3rd - Bridgette Dalgliesh

5K Men

  • 1st - José Luis Casillas Navarrete
  • 2nd - Oliver Tanui Ramírez
  •  3rd - José Martín Jaime Gómez

10K Women

  • 1st - Minerva Argüello
  • 2nd - Aurora León
  • 3rd - Verónica Iturbe

10K Men

  • 1st - Alfredo Pascual Martínez
  • 2nd - Julio Barrón Domínguez
  • 3rd - Luis Daniel Rangel Santiago