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ASF Parents take us on a Magic Carpet Ride

For the fourth consecutive year, ASF parents came together to build community and surprise students with a performance of Aladdin to celebrate Children's Day.

Over 75 parents worked together on stage and behind the scenes, and were responsible for every single aspect of the play, from writing the script or building the set, to performing or creating the costumes... to mention just a few of the roles that ASF parents took full control of. After months of rehearsing, the show was finally disclosed to the public and family, friends, teachers, students and staff were invited to attend one of the four shows. Of course, we had a full house!

We would like to give a special shout out to all the parents who were involved, Mr. Mark Sylte, Executive Director, Mr. Diego Zaragoza, Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. Jordan Maas, Head of Lower School, Mr. Juvenal López, LS Student Activities Specialist, the Institutional Advancement Office, Teruhi Yoshioka, Hugo Cabrera and Manuel Fagoaga from Cultural Affairs and to all the families who joined us at the performance.