ASF Parent Association host the COVID-19 Experts Panel

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak around the globe is critical, but as a community, we need to work together to ensure health and safety

During the Parent Association, General meeting held on December 2; our community gathered with two of the most outstanding medical experts to review the latest information regarding COVID-19.

This live panel with experts was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Parent Association and Ana María Salazar, renowned national security analyst, and TV/Radio anchor.

Salazar, along with Dr. Alejandro Macías, Infectious Disease Medical Doctor, and former Influenza Commissioner, and Dr. Mauricio Rodríguez, Professor at UNAM Medical School, Spokesperson for the UNAM COVID-19 Special Commission, both experts guided the attendants into a quick review of the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the expectations for the winter season. “We have to remember that all coronaviruses are winter viruses, and we expect to see a growth in the incidence of flu and other respiratory symptoms through December, January, and February, with a mild relief in March or when the vaccine is available”, stated Dr. Alejandro Macías.

Throughout the entire conversation, both experts shared several experiences, and they agreed that the best way to face this COVID-19 pandemic is working together as a community, making sure that people observe social distancing and prevention measures like using face masks, follow hygiene protocols, and ensuring that possible contacts are traceable. Dr. Alejandro Macías added, “now we know that this infection can cause severe damage, and it is crucial to act fast if you have the first symptoms, but also to have an oximeter to make sure that our oxygen level is not below 92% in Mexico City”.

The panel included mentions about vaccines researches and their availability in Mexico; Dr. Alejandro Macias, the Former Influenza Commissioner, advised that as soon as vaccines are available in Mexico, it will be a useful tool to create peace of mind among people. Still, it will take a long time to achieve herd immunity.

Talking about all the actions taken by ASF, Ana María Salazar acknowledged that early in January 2020, she contacted Patricia Arzani, Head of the Infirmary, to talk about the unknown infection in other countries and its possible impact on our country. She realized that all ASF leaders were aware and started to prepare, implementing safety procedures and later, in the summer, even preparing our 14.5-acre campus for a staggering return, making sure that social distancing and hygiene protocols were in place.

Although ASF has several prevention procedures on campus, we are following the instructions from our local authorities of not to return to face-to-face classes until we are at a green traffic light in Mexico City, making sure that health and safety of our community is our top of mind”, finalized Mr. Mark Sylte, ASF Executive Director.