ASF Makes a Splash!

Congratulations to Head of Swimming, Tere Rivera, and Varsity Head Coach, Martha Córdova on an outstanding fall season. Our school is widely recognized as the strongest school in Mexico at the grades 6-12 levels. One measure of our strength is performance at the national tournament. Normally, a few of our top swimmers qualify for nationals in both December and July. This year we sent three swimmers to nationals with one former student competing independently. You can view the results below.

Tere and Martha work tirelessly to help our competitive swim team. They almost never stop. Most tournaments happen on weekends and they are there… always.

Tomohiro Nozaki, grade 9 student, brought home five gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal

Campeonato Nacional Elite CC 2018
Tomohiro Nozaki – Grade 9 student

First Place 200m IM
First Place 4 x 200m FR Relay
First Place 200m BR  and New National Record
First Place 400m IM
First Place 100m BR and New National Record
Second Place 50m BR
Second Place 50m FL
Second Place 100m IM
Second Place 100m FL
Third Place 50m FR
Fourth Place 100m FR

Enrique Valero – Grade 12 student
Fourth Place 200m BR
Sixth Place 100m BR

Mark Van Eybergen –Grade 8 student
27th Place 200m FL

Simón Bermúdez – Grade 7 alum who swam on ASF team for the last 5 years (Martha and Tere developed this outstanding swimmer during his time at ASF)
First Place 200m IM
First Place 4 x 100m FR Relay
First Place 50m BK and New National Record
First Place 200m FR
First Place 200m BK and New National Record
First Place 50m FR
Second Place 100m FR
Second Place 100m BK
Third Place 50m FL

Mark Van Eybergen also participated at Nacional B (second tier of swimmers)
Sixth Place 200m  FR
Third place in 4 x 200m FR

Students Enrique Valero, Tomohiro Nozaki, Simón Bermúdez and Mark Van Eybergen