ASF GNP 17th Annual Golf Tournament

By Anakarina Piña, Alumni Relations Specialist

Alumni, parents, staff and golf enthusiasts came together to participate in our 17th Annual Golf Tournament. This is a tradition within our community and an event that happens once a year with the purpose of fundraising for our Annual Fund for Financial Aid. Thanks to these initiatives 16% of our students have financial aid with an average of 50% discount. “The Golf Tournament is a way to raise awareness about our community efforts to have a more inclusive and diverse school.” mentioned Javier Adame, Chair of the organizing committee which gathers alumni and parent volunteers lead by the Institutional Advancement Office. 

This year, the Middle School students designed, created and assembled all the trophies in the Makerspace, led by Tracey Bryan, STEAM Coordinator. “Projects like this are the perfect example of the Makerspace spirit where we look for students to have opportunities to collaborate and create products for the real world,” she shared. 

We would like to congratulate the winners, both of the tournament and the raffle who you will find below, and say thank you to each and every one of our sponsors who make this event possible!

First Category

1st Place

  • Ricardo Ganem 
  • Sven Wallsten 
  • Fabiola Arango 
  • Arturo Suzan 
  • César Carranza 

2nd Place

  • John Sutcliffe 
  • Enrique Sutcliffe
  • Julián Fernández 
  • Christian Bruhn 
  • Gerardo Mancebo

3rd Place

  • Giorgio Parolini Chimini
  • Juan Luis Trueba 
  • Neil Dávila 
  • Óscar Alfonso Álvarez Martínez
  • Sergio Cuellar
  • Second Category

Second Category

1st Place

  • Namén Tellez 
  • Moisés Santos 
  • Francisco San Millán 
  • William Peat 
  • Jaime Ricardo Gómez

2nd Place

  • Roberto Calderón
  • Adolfo Arditti
  • Luis Ortiz 
  • Francisco Ayza 
  • Salvador Magaña 

3rd Place

  • Gerardo Arévalo 
  • Rocío Félix 
  • Rafael Chávez Torres
  • Guillermo Velarde 
  • Elías Tercero

Third Category

1st Place

  • Francisco Cantón
  • Eduardo Osio 
  • Eduardo Sierra
  • Jaime Uribe 

2nd Place

  • Jorge González 
  • Carlos González 
  • Víctor González 
  • Guillermo Velasco 
  • Javier Herrera 

3rd Place

  • Alfonso Rendón 
  • Carlos Lomelí 
  • Javier Arreola 
  • Roberto Calvet 
  • Juan Pablo de Velasco


We also raffled prizes from Puntarena, Porco Rosso, and gave out airplane tickets provided by Interjet, Executive Check-ups from the ABC Hospital, Best Buy vouchers, among other gifts.


  • Pantera Bags for Women
  • La Boutique de Donna for Women
  • Stays provided by Grupo Presidente Hotels
  • Executive Check-ups at the ABC Hospital
  • Aldonza López
  • Design & Cutting Hanger
  • Herman Miller Chair 


Top Sponsor

  • GNP Seguros

Presented by Sponsorship

  • AT&T

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

  • Encinos
  • Toyota
  • Softtek
  • Banorte
  • Colgate
  • Lockton
  • Starhaus
  • Huawei

In Kind Donations By

  • Seguros Atlas
  • ABC Hospital
  • The Bespoke Club
  • Taller de tacos
  • Puntarena
  • Porco Rosso
  • Grupo Presidente
  • Herman Miller
  • Fotec
  • José Cuervo
  • Interjet
  • Pantera
  • Golf Masters
  • Contramar
  • Alesso-Club Car
  • Bushmills Irish Whiskey
  • Vinos La Redonda
  • Oralndi
  • Design & Cutting
  • Golf & Spa
  • Indicium Solutions
  • Rancho Los Venados
  • Salacia
  • Insecto Tuxca
  • Taylor Made
  • Aldonza López
  • Moët Hennessy
  • Golf Express
  • China Girl
  • Femsa
  • Coca Cola
  • PowerAde
  • Golf and Spa
  • Fotec
  • Golf Masters
  • Raíces
  • Hotbook
  • Makerspace
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Trotec
  • Prorenal
  • Cerebro
  • Golf Passport
  • Tres Eles
  • Arcovia