ASF Excels at ASOMEX

By Robert Wilson

Our teams performed well during the tournament. Three teams made it to the finals with two winning the championship. 

  • Boys Soccer: 2nd place
  • Girls Soccer: 1st place
  • Boys Basketball: 1st place
  • Girls Basketball: 6th place

To all the coaches of the teams and to all the A&EL personnel who volunteered (most with vim and vigor) this was an ASOMEX to be very proud of. Most of us were stretched to the limit. 

John Powell did most of the back ended organization of the tournament. 30 teams, 84 games in five days meant incredibly competent scheduling spaces, support, medics, referees, cleaners, visor responsibilities, trophies, and medals, etc. With great organizational skills, John hit a home run. 

“We are happy with everyone's effort during the tournament. When I step back and think about it, I really am impressed with the help everyone put forward. It's not easy to sit in a chair and tell people they can't walk past you or rolling a ball out. But I deeply thank you for the help. Without you, the tournament doesn't function. I can't express enough gratitude for your efforts,” expressed John.

Dan Godshall can be very proud of his basketball varsity program. With the boys finishing first and defeating the favored team twice in the tournament, he and his coaches can look back and take great joy in this performance. Dan’s contributions went further than this. He manned the WEC for 64 of the 66 hours of the tournament. He worked with the referees, visors, support staff, and paramedics to ensure the tournament moved smoothly inside the WEC. 

Please remember that when you compete you don’t always win. For Phil, Miguel, T’shan and Pepe, victory was well earned and you should fully enjoy the championships you helped to bring to our ASF students. For Luis, Michael Gray, Jeo and Oscar I want to thank you for the hard work you put into this tournament and please know your effort and leadership was and is deeply appreciated. You did your best and hopefully, this tournament will help you strengthen your teams for the coming ASOMEX in Monterrey. I was very proud to be associated with each of you. Bear pride!

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