ASF Celebrates Maker Week

The Center for Teaching Excellence, led by Maria Mandolini, Nicole Gray, Carlos Guerrero and Tracey Bryan, organized and hosted the second edition of Maker Week at ASF. From April 2 to 4, students from K-12 signed up for over 200 workshops held on campus, which were possible thanks to all of the companies and individuals who donated their time. Not one workshop leader charged for their time.

Maker Week offers students the possibility to apply technology to real life, giving them a hands-on approach to different curriculum-based topics. Maker Week also encourages teachers to take on an active participation and sharpen their innovation skills.  This year, the CTE also added several maker opportunities that did not involve technology, such as floral arrangements, Scouts survival tools, quilt making, and magic!

To wrap-up Maker Week 2019, Lower School held their first Lower School “Maker Showcase” on its final day of the Maker Activities (Thursday, April 4). The Lower School "Maker Showcase" was a celebration of student and teacher "Maker Creations".  Students and teachers shared their hands-on project with the Lower School Community outside on the Sun Dial.  During the Lower School "Maker Showcase", 29 students, one teacher, and one classroom shared projects they had created to support the Maker Mindset.  The excitement and energy was overflowing as the students proudly shared their inventions and designs. Fantastic job to all our Lower School Makers! 

We would like to give a special shout out to the CTE, along with the maintenance staff, the OIT staff, the PA and parent volunteers who supported the event.