ASF Bears Celebrate ASOMEX Victory

The ASOMEX Basketball C Menor tournament saw the Varsity Boys Basketball team with participants that had a 2001 birth year and younger compete against The American School Monterrey, The American Institute of Monterrey Preparatory School (APS) and the Peterson Schools. The Varsity Boys won all their round robin games with 52-38 opening night victory against ASF Monterrey, a buzz-beater 54-53 win against Peterson, and a 51-24 win against APS. This allowed the ASF Bears to advance straight to the final against ASF Monterrey on Saturday, October 27.

The final was exciting and saw multiple lead changes. The Bears were at down seven points in the third quarter, but clawed their way back, taking the lead and holding on until the end of the game. The final score was 67-61 in favor of the ASF Bears!

When asked how his team preformed under pressure in a close final, Head Coach Héctor Juárez said, "The team took it really well. They took it under control when they were pressured. They didn't lose their head and just kept calm the whole game. They fought through the pressure and I think that's why we got the win!"

Junior Captain, Alejandro Canedo said, "Thanks to the work of each of my teammates and my coach, we were able to get the victory in the last minutes." Canedo was the player to make the buzzer-beater shot to beat Peterson in the round robin stage.

Sophomore standout during the tournament, Marco Ferrara, said when asked about the championship game, "I was worried we'd be too confident going into the final. But, I feel we really locked in and performed well. As a team, we were down... but we didn't get worried and kept playing." 

Senior Captain, Daniel Grossman, said about the opponent in the final, "It was not easy. Monterrey was a great opponent, a great team. Although, I think, through unity and through the communication skills we learned throughout the whole tournament and we pulled it together."

The Bears are in-season and playing weekly in S'Cool Games and CONADEIP. CONADEIP is arguably the toughest league in Mexico for basketball, soccer, and volleyball at the high school level.  At the end of March, we will travel to Puebla to compete the Juvenil C ASOMEX Basketball tournament with a birth year of 1999 & younger. The highest level of ASOMEX Basketball.

Congratulations once again to the Varsity Boys Basketball team for their accomplishment of winning ASOMEX Juvenil C Menor! 

Check out some pictures of the tournament here.

Go Bears!