An incredible Field Trip to Austria! Ars Electronica

A group of 17 Upper School Students, along with ASF Art Teachers Ms. Melannie Hurtado, Mr. Sean Buckley and Mr. Eduardgo García will be going on an incredible field trip to Linz, Austria, to attend The Ars Electronica Festival, a design, art, and technology event like no other.


Creators of the event offer the following description: “Once a year, Ars Electronica invites artists, scientists, and researchers from all over the world to a conclave in Linz to confront a specific, interdisciplinary theme in the context of speeches, workshops, exhibitions and symposia.”

Teacher, Melanie Hurtado, is responsible for grasping this incredible opportunity, as she was able to apply for this professional development right before the pandemic settled in Mexico.

“My favorite part of this festival,” explains Teacher Melanie, “is that art is the primary method of inquiry, which I find to be the most progressive perspective on art I have ever encountered".

The objective of the trip for the ASF Art Teachers attending is to involve Students in the larger conversation happening at Ars Electronica about the future of humanity.

This year, the theme is titled Welcome to Planet B and the intro to the larger description is: "The big, uncomfortable questions. How will our life on this planet have to look to prevent ecological super disaster? What actions must we take and what consequences must we accept? How much persuasion, how much effort, how much pressure, how much coercion will be necessary, and what “collateral damage” will be involved?"

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To learn more about this year's field trip, click here.