An Exploration of the World: Art Teacher Melannie Hurtado on the AP Art Exhibition


Text by Art Teacher, Melannie Hurtado

The Advanced Placement (AP) 2D Art & Design class presents selected works from the Sustained Investigation component of the AP portfolio exam. Artists and designers spend a little under a year developing, exploring, and revising work guided by a central inquiry chosen entirely by the creator and serving as a means for exploration of the world.

AP 2D Art & Design class is an opportunity for students to explore all kinds of topics in non-traditional manners. Art is meant to generate questions and design is meant to address them. 

Besides developing 2D skills, students have the opportunity to ask and address questions relating to vital topics that are not typically explored in a traditional academic setting such as memory, identity, and emotions. 

“Data shows that 10 women a day are killed in Mexico, creating a femicide crisis and a doubt of safety. Due to this I found ten places where femicides occurred… with the intention of bringing this happenings to light”. Regina Gómez, Upper School Student.

As the art teacher, I think that the work we see here shows growth in technical skill but also in the conceptual understanding of our life's most intricate and complex issues. I am very proud of each and every one of these creators!

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