A Taste of our Teachers' Day Brunch

Teachers' Day is the perfect time to affirm the work of our teachers, who play a vital role in nurturing our children's development throughout the year.

This is why, following tradition, the Parent Association organized the ASF Teachers' Day Brunch for all Faculty and Staff in the Wellness Center (WEC). Parents were encouraged to share a local dish, offering a multicultural selection for all teachers and support staff.

This year, guests were fortunate to be able to discover unique flavors from countries like Poland, Peru, Taiwan, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Colombia, South Korea and Ukraine, representing our diverse student body and multicultural community.

Members of the PA greeted attendees with big smiles, as they served generous portions of delicious food. Visitors, as usual, lined up more than once to enjoy the large variety of dishes and desserts.

Complying with the school's sustainability efforts, all plates were non-disposable and deposited in containers placed at the exit of the WEC, in order for them to be cleaned and used again in future events.

We would like to give a special thank you to the Parent Association for making this great tradition come to life, as well as to all the mothers who took the time to prepare and send in food, which was greatly appreciated by all teachers and staff.