A Swimmer's Scholarship

Enrique Valero, a senior at ASF, recently received an international scholarship from Grinnell College in Grinnell Iowa, U.S.A. The University participates at the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) division three-level and has finished the last three years as champions in their university league. When asked if it was difficult finding this scholarship, Enrique confessed that it was not. Once Grinnell became aware of his academic and swimming performance, they began recruiting him immediately. Enrique’s scholarship was offered on the condition he participates on the swim team and excels in his academic major. He looks forward to university life at Grinnell.


Enrique has had an interesting life, spending 12 years in China prior to enrolling at ASF in 2016 as a sophomore in Upper School. Prior to coming to ASF, Enrique swam recreationally at clubs in China. Once Enrique discovered the ASF swimming program, he joined and realized he had a talent for competitive swimming. By his second year at ASF, under the guidance of Tere Rivera and Martha Córdova, Enrique was a top swimmer in Mexico City. This year, Enrique has raised his level by leaps and bounds and is now the 3rd ranked swimmer in Mexico in his age group (breaststroke). Of ASF, Enrique says that he has appreciated the academic flexibility of the school and considers the ASF Varsity Swim Team his family. Congratulations to Enrique.