Run for Education was a Hit!

ASF experienced an amazing family day during our annual Run for Education. Around 1,100 enthusiastic runners from all ages took part in the 3K walk, 5K and 10K races and kids' races, from the campus at ASF down Chapultepec. After, families met back on campus to enjoy snacks from PG BBQ and catch up with friends. We are proud of all the people who joined us to run for a good cause!

Congratulations to the winners!

Men's 10K

  • First: Alberto Marmolejo Cruz
  • Second: José Martín Jaime Gómez
  • Third: Juan Pablo Aguilar Reyes

Women's 10K

  • First: Maricarmen Aguayo Mejía
  • Second: Carla Lascuráin Obregón
  • Third: Silvia Itzel Servín

Men's 5K

  • First: Marcos Hernández Ramírez
  • Second: Pedro Baeza Gómez
  • Third: Luis Roberto Villanueva Rodríguez

Women's 5K

  • First: Claudia Escalera Hernández
  • Second: Nayeli Mendoza Briseño
  • Third: Cecilia Osorio Olivares

Congratulations to the ASF community members who competed and won the first three places of each age-group category, including: Isabel Moscoso, Lara Schupack, Martha Lozada and Ivette Berentsen

Thanks to the sponsors Asdeporte, Lipu, Círculo K, Mercedes-Benz Starhaus, iCycle, Tuny and Garmin. Without their support this event could not have been possible.