Lorena Ochoa Visits ASF!

To celebrate Women's Day at ASF, Lorena Ochoa visited our campus and offered Middle School students a one hour conference in the Ángeles Espinosa Yglesias Fine Arts Center. During her presentation, she encouraged students to follow their dreams and work hard to accomplish their goals in life.

The retired golf player, –who was the top-ranked female golfer in the world for 158 consecutive and total weeks (both are LPGA Tour records), from 23 April 2007 to her retirement in 2 May 2010, at the age of 28 years old –, was friendly and down-to-earth, and opened up to students about her own career in a heartfelt way.

She advised students to find their passion and dare to pursue it no matter how hard it may get. Lorena explained how fear and failure are actually blessings in disguise, as they bring great lessons with them, and help us improve our skills for the future.

She spoke about the importance of setting realistic goals and sticking to them, and established that having a support system made up of family and friends is fundamental to succeed.

Students could not hide their excitement at having Lorena on stage, and cheered and applauded the whole way through. At the end, she took the time to answer questions from students.