Summer Assignments

Summer 2018

All students in Middle School have a summer reading assignment for their English class. 

For this assignment, students are required to read two books of an appropriate level over the summer. Students can choose the two books they read, with parental guidance. To help parents and their children choose good books to read, we have included two summer book guides. The first one (click here to download), for younger students, is designed for students entering grades 6 and 7 next year. The second one (download here), for older students, is designed for students entering grade 8.

In addition to reading these two books, students have a short reflection assignment to do for both. This reflection assignment should be completed on Google Docs and shared with their new English teacher when they return to class. The template for this assignment can be accessed here (with ASF email addresses). Alternatively, here are the reflection questions:

  1. Provide a short summary of the book with no spoilers.
  2. Out of five stars, how many would you give this book, and why?
  3. What character in the book did you most connect with, and why?
  4. What did you learn from reading each book?
  5. How can you connect what happens in the book to things going on in the real world?

Students will use these reflection questions for an additional in-class assignment when they return to school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Caitlin Evans, English Department Head: