Summer Assignments

Summer 2019

Summer Reading Assignment (mandatory)

Students must read two (2) books of an appropriate level.  The only rule is that there cannot be a TV show or movie based on the book.  After reading each book, complete a short reflection.  The template for your reflection can be accessed here. Make a copy and then fill in the template.  You will share this document with your English teacher when you return to school in August. In the event that yo can't access the linked document, you can use this Microsoft Word version instead.

Update: Please click on the following links to download the Summer Book Guide for Grades 6-7 and for Grade 8.

If you have any questions, you may ask the Academic Dean, Ms. Kristen Leutheuser, or the English Department Head, Ms. Caitlin Evans.

Summer Math Pilot (strongly encouraged)

Students are encouraged to keep their math skills sharp over the summer by using Khan Academy's Mappers program.  Using their NWEA Student Goal Setting Worksheet, students can enter the RIT scores for each section of the math test to generate recommended practice unique to their needs.  We encourage you to spend 30 minutes a week this summer on these skills.

To get started, visit

If you need assistance setting up your profile on Kahn, go here for more information.

If you need an electronic copy of the NWEA Student Goal Setting Worksheet, you can request one from the Academic Dean, Ms. Kristen Leutheuser