Eva Suárez

When I was 12, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. After undergoing a year of treatment and surgeries, I was officially in remission. However, my journey did not end there. During my TEDx talk, I will be talking about my experience dealing with a serious illness like cancer, and how I have managed to reintegrate myself into society. I am excited to share my life experience with the public, and help others struggling with a disease or with their day to day life.

Alexa Kalach

"The worst type of sickness is that which lives within the mind. One that makes you both the victim and the offender at the same time.  One that prevents you from blaming something or someone else because you have no one to blame but yourself", says Alexa Kalach. In this talk, she explores the “what if” to eating disorders in hopes of continuing the road of contribution to the world beyond herself.

Elizabeth Viernes

Inspired by the Literature and Theory of Knowledge classes she teaches to Upper School students, Elizabeth Viernes explores the contrasts between reality and appearance. Elizabeth presently lives with her daughter in Mexico City. Two French Bulldogs and a cat round out her household.


Mildred Beristain

I get my period, just like other women, I've found it tough to talk with them about it. It's been a big part of my life, just like with other women, yet it's still a taboo for many. I want my TEDx Talk to help us all talk about it, not be ashamed and embrace what our bodies do naturally.

Gillian Garduño

I chose to apply for TEDx because I have always been very intrigued by TED talks and I chose to speak of Climate Change, because although it is something we have all heard of, I think it is one of the most important topics to be talking about today.

Christian Aiza

I'm Christian Aiza, a social entrepreneur. I may be young, but for the last three years i’ve been working alongside the Huichol community, helping promote their ancient traditions. During my TEDx talk, I will be talking about the topic: “What if we, Mexicans, bought more Huichol art?”, hoping to inspire others to look for beauty where you would not see it.

Fernando Ruíz Galindo

In a society where women's rights have taken center stage and flourished why do there seem to be so many problems? It is acts of aggression that are woven into the fabric of our daily lives that are so imperceptible, yet so present that hinder the progress of women's rights. In my TEDx Talk, I will be focusing on how society unknowingly suppresses women and how this relates to ASF culture.

Bertha Martínez

When I saw the first TED Talk, in one of the classes during my Master's in 2015, I never thought a few years later I would have the opportunity to do a TEDx. In this particular case, my former students are in the leadership. They are coaching me! I will never forget the process to pick the presenters, the meetings, the sharing and the support from this team. I am so proud of being a teacher at ASF and during my talk I will try to sell you some very sophisticated  equipment, you have to be there!

Sofía Abarca

Hey! I’m Sofía Abarca, a junior at ASF. As a Venezuelan, the topic of diffusion if information has always been a debated topic amongst those who discuss the country’s current situation. Can the lack of accurate and timely information be attributed as the main factor that led to Hugo Chávez being elected as president? How does this type of misinformation impact politics and economy across the world? And most importantly, can the Internet be the key to solving this issue? These are the type of questions I seek to answer during my talk. I hope I’ll see you there!

Romina Treviño

Art has always been an escape from me. Wether it be from the stress of school or just life in general, the arts have always been there for me. I believe that art can teach us so much, not only about the world, history and society but also about ourselves. A lot of times in a school setting, the arts are shunned as something people who can't to sports do, but I believe that artists are so much more than that and that the future of the world relies on creativity. 

David Michael

I think everyone, deep down inside has a desire to improve, to try to be better and healthy. I have tried like everyone to self improve. I have tried to create healthy habits and become a better version of myself, but I rarely succeed. In my TEDx talk I want to explore why we want to be better and ultimately why we often fail despite our best efforts.

Austin Farwell

I have been studying Flow Psychology for a couple years and wanted to share some thoughts on how important I think these ideas could be in relation to curriculum development and ensuring students happiness during their high school years. I think that through the prism of 'Flow' we can promote a positive and fundamental shift in the way we approach education and ensure that students are treated as the curious individuals they all are.

Diane & Ricardo

Diane and Ricardo don't have it all figured out. They juggle working full time with raising two small children. They do however, lean into the things they think they can not do - and believe in the power of possibility. Their story began quite randomly back in 2011. Boy meets girl after a long day of work and the date never finished. They hope to shape shift your ideas around fears, and invite you to ask yourself, "What if fear was the greatest invite you could ever ask for?"