Victoria Chertorivski

I dance because it not only allows me to express myself, but it enables me to become another person on stage. Likewise, overcoming the challenges gives me a sense of fulfillment and happiness. I dance because I love it.

Vega Covarrubias

I dance because I think it’s the prettiest form of expression. It allows be to transform into this whole other person that has no worries, nor doubts. I dance because I embrace myself and take big leaps to get to where I want to be. I dance because it’s my passion.


Pedro Reséndez

Art is the most efficient tool for change, and we live in a society that is desperate for it, but does little about it. I believe that Mexico needs an urgent change in how race and social classes are perceived. Everyone deserves to live in an empathetic, caring and representative society. Through my work, I try to shift the pre-established social hierarchy mentality by exposing my personal perspective of the destabilized and contrasting modern Mexico in which I grew up in. Music and Art have the power of juggling with your senses and challenging pre-conceived knowledge. I believe Music and Art can change Mexico.

Arturo Haber

I've listened to music since I can day I thought "what if I created my own song?" And here I am.

Drama Club

Gal Bezek

What if? That is a good question. Problem is there is no correct way to answer it unless you try. Two years ago I used to be a super shy kid and had really never been good at talking to people much less public speaking, but as the years rolled by, I went from that to being the Emcee of the first TEDx talk at ASF. I'm so honored to be here and hope you all have a great time along side me!