ASOMEX Halloween Debate Tournament

October 18th & 19th, 2019



Debate Coaches
Roberto Jones

Arantza Asali

Access to Campus
In order to gain access to the school please be aware of the following:

  • Please let me know what type of transportation you will be taking so that you are given access.
  • If you are arriving in a bus, please make sure that you have a sign with your school name. 
  • Once you arrive, your bags can be checked at any time due to security concerns (this is a school wide policy).
  • Please ensure that your students are carrying their school IDs here. 

About Us

The ASF Debate Team seeks to create an inclusive environment where any opinion counts as long as it is structured, purposeful and substantiated by evidence. As a team we participate in tournaments around Mexico City and the country with opportunities to participate internationally in the World Schools' Debating Championships which is held in different countries each year.

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Tournament Information

Prepared Motions


Debate Round 2: 1st Prepared Motion (Middle School)
THW offer Big Pharma companies tax cuts to streamline the development of male contraceptive pills.

Debate Round 2: 1st Prepared Motion (High School)
THS the 2019 Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill's implementation in Hong Kong.

Disclaimer: Debaters must assume that the Hong Kong Extradition Bill has not been withdrawn. Remember that these prepared motions were released a month ago. 

Debate Round 4: 2nd Prepared Motion (All Debaters)
THW be rather than seem.

Impromptu Motions


Impromptu motions will focus on topics regarding Mexico and Halloween.


Debate Resources

It is imperative that as a coach, judge, and debater you understand the expectations of the debate and how you will be evaluated. Please check out all information on these pages. 



History of ASOMEX Debate

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