Early Childhood Center

The early childhood program is for students from three to six years of age. Young children learn best through hands-on experiences and activities that range from block building and painting to singing and storytelling.

Academic Overview

Learning happens when experiences are built on what a child already knows and can do, and when a child is encouraged to stretch toward a new level of achievement. Students practice social skills that are embedded in the curriculum through direct teaching, play-based engagements and continuous assessment practices. They learn to make choices and as a result take ownership of their learning.
The ASF Early Childhood Center is an English-immersion program which follows the IB Primary Years Programme. Meaningful, integrated and in-depth lessons and engagements in math and literacy lay a strong foundation for future learning. Children participate in music, art, physical education and hands-on science classes. A kitchen program rounds out the curriculum.
Whether it is a field trip to a farm or a fire station, a science experiment about plant life, chopping and cutting vegetables for a healthy salad or finger painting their feelings, ECC students are always actively learning about the world around them, emotions, family and life. Children learn to be caring and empathetic when they become involved in community service projects and learn about sustainability when they reduce, reuse and recycle materials.


The Early Childhood Center has 17 classrooms, a Learning Center with 14,000 books in English and Spanish, an art classroom, a language development classroom, a science lab, a kitchen, a gymnasium and a music room to give ECC students the opportunity to explore their physical and artistic world while challenging their minds and focusing on their natural curiosity.



Counselors are available for social-emotional, academic, home or behavioral concerns students, parents or teachers may have. Counselors may be contacted at any time by email, phone or previously made appointments.

Carrie Haugh
K1 and K2


Paolina Beteta

Student Activities

ASF not only cares about students' academic advancement. The arts, athletics and other activities play a key role. Sometimes there could be up to ten to twenty activities going on (or off) at campus at any given time. ASF is fortunate to have an Activity Specialist in each of the 4 divisions. The activity specialist is responsible for building a comprehensive program that focuses on student leadership and community building among students, faculty and parents. Each Division plans and oversees a broad range of activities and events that enhance the school’s overall social, cultural, service learning, recreational and educational efforts, particularly within the division. The activity specialist is responsible for overseeing all student activity organizations and social events and appoints and supports faculty sponsors and club sponsors.


Erin Trautman
Head of ECC