Beyond the Classroom

At ASF, we believe we are part of a community – the local area, Mexico and the whole world. As part of our mission to develop global citizens for a changing world, we endeavor to help develop the community and help it out when in need.

Below you will find some social responsibility and community service activities, please click on the desired tab:


The following are some of our latest school-wide community service efforts.

Disaster relief actions

At ASF, we come together to help community-wide efforts to help out in case of natural disasters in Mexico.

We worked alongside the Mexican Red Cross to collect goods that were distributed to the September 7, 2017 earthquake victims in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

We also worked to collect goods that the Red Cross distributed to victims of Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel in 2013, Hurricane Odile in 2014 and the explosion at Cuajimalpa Maternity and Children's Hospital in 2015.

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Maintenance Holiday Baskets

Every holiday season, students and families from every division worked to put together and give a gift basket filled with groceries, toiletries and treats to more than 140 members of the ASF support staff.

Piggy Bank Project

The Piggy Bank Project aims to raise awareness among students and their families on the need to give back to and care for their community. This project is part of the Annual Fund Campaign and its proceeds go into the Endowment Fund for Financial Aid.

Each classroom in the Early Childhood Center and Lower School has an ASF piggy bank. The class works to encourage a culture of helping others, explaining how giving creates a better, more inclusive community.

Red Cross

ASF has been supporting the Tlalnepantla de Baz Red Cross, raising funds, which are used for the purchase of medical supplies.

Run for Education

Run for Education virtual race aims to provide financial aid to a percentage of the student body. Donations are made via an online platform where people can team and invite others to support this cause in a fun way.

Toy Drive

At the beginning and end of each year, ASF holds a Toy Drive, where thousands of toys are collected by the community and donated to approximately 1,200 children from families in the local area. The Toy Drive is a fun event where children from our school play and interact with children from low-income families, creating a sense of responsibility and community by giving a little to those who need it.

Early Childhood Center

Capula School

ASF helps Capula school, a local low-income school, and by doing so, also teaching our students to share, care, cooperate, give and show respect to those less fortunate than themselves. During holiday season, ASF children help pack bags of candies for piñatas, choose toys to donate, and share a lunch with children from Capula.


Partners in literacy

Every year, the ECC holds a book drive for new and good-condition used Spanish-language books. ECC students host children from a local preschool to read together, play games and share a lunch. The collected books are then given to the selected school for its library.

CAPS for classrooms

ECC students and their families collect plastic bottle caps throughout the year. These caps are washed, sorted and used by students to create educational games and activities. Toward the end of the school year, the ECC invites a local preschool to campus. ECC students socialize with their peers, play the games, and finally, donate them to their new friends.

Lower School

Niños en Alegría

A backpack collection drive to benefit marginalized children in the state of Guerrero.

Iluminemos de Azul

ASF supports Iluminemos de Azul, founded in 2015 and committed to making social impact actions to raise awareness of people with autism, as well as providing support to families, professionals and bring resources to institutions that serve children, youth and adults with autism.

Middle School

Student Wellness and Growth

Student Wellness and Growth (SWAG) is an initiative that encourages students to get involved in their community by proposing and helping to organize their own community activities. These activities include volunteering their time to tutor peers, ushering school events, reading to younger students, helping to build houses, bringing lunches to the elderly, keeping terminally ill children company and spending time with orphans.

Student-led initiatives have even got parents involved with organization and volunteering, making SWAG a real community effort.

Mazahua Indigneous Support

The Mazahuas are an indigenous group who live near to where grade 6 students have their camp hacienda and the students partake in various crafts and activities that are related to this group. Students create products derived from honey, and in a market that has come to be known as a Mazahua Tianguis, they sell their creations – everything from soap to sweets.

A large portion of the proceeds goes to support the Mazahua people, while the rest is donated to the Endowment Fund for Financial Aid.

Upper School

Hair Drive and Casa de la Amistad

ASF supports Casa de la Amistad, a home in the south of the city where children with cancer who come from low-income families from outside Mexico City can stay while they receive treatment at Mexico City hospitals. During the annual Hair Drive, long-haired students, faculty, staff members and parents get their hair cut and styled. The removed braids are then used to make wigs for young cancer sufferers.

Keep a Breast Foundation

The Upper School will promote actions to increase awareness of women's health issues and fundraise for the Keep a Breast Foundation.

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick club supports Construyendo in building houses for needy families in Mexico. Students also fundraise for the club to pay for transportation and material costs.

Community Enrichment Academies

ASF lends its experience and expertise to students and teachers from public schools by giving free professional development classes in English as second language, integration of technology in the classroom and environmental education.

These workshops, sponsored by Fomento Educacional, Morotola and Bank of America, are designed to help Mexico’s public school teachers improve their teaching skills by incorporating new technologies and creating a learning environment with committed and active students.


Zero Trash at ASF

This school year, ASF will reduce, reuse and recycle all trash, to comply to our mission of educating responsible, contributing citizens of the world and the new environmental law for Mexico City.

At ASF we will separate trash into five categories, each with a specific color: Organics (green), Paper & Cardboard (yellow), Plastics (blue), Other Recyclable Inorganics (gray), Non-recyclable Inorganics (orange).

Each classroom has its own separating structure and hallways will have recycling stations. A recycling company will take our properly separated residues so we actually reduce our environmental foot print!

Training on this procedure is given to all our community.