Athletics & Extended Learning

Athletics is an integral part of the school and important to the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of its students.
ASF carefully plans the path of successful young people from ECC through the Upper School – making sure that at all ages they are inspired to enjoy the activity of their choice at their appropriate level.


Sports offered

  • American Football (grades 1-5 co-ed and grades 6-12 for boys only)
  • Basketball (grades 1-12 for boys and girls)
  • Running (grades 3-12 for boys and girls)
  • Soccer (grades K-12 for boys and girls)
  • Swimming (grades K-12 for boys and girls)
  • Tennis (grades K-12 for boys and girls)
  • Volleyball (grades 6-12 for girls only)

Levels of Teams and Commitments

Varsity (also known as ‘Juvenil C’ in Mexico) is our highest level of play and commitment. Students should start the season in good physical condition, have the basic fundamental skills, and know strategies rules. Playing time at this level is earned in practices and not guaranteed to all players. Team commitment is 5-6 days per week in addition to evening and overnight trips. Occasionally Varsity ‘B’ teams are created based on demand and to bridge the gap from the Junior Varsity level.

Junior Varsity (also known as ‘Juvenil B’ in Mexico) aims to prepare players to compete. We encourage students to develop potential, demonstrate independent thought/skill execution. Learning the rules, strategies and demands required to step up to the Varsity level in the future in needed at this level. Playing time is earned in practices and not guaranteed to all players. Team commitment is 4-6 days per week.

Middle School (also known as ‘Juvenil A’ in Mexico) aims to develop technique and understanding of competition. Teamwork and sportsmanship are key learning outcomes at this level. Starting in 2019-20, league participation will be our formal competition. Playing time at this level is earned in practices and not guaranteed to all players. Team commitment is 2-4 days per week.

Lower School (also known as ‘Infantil’ in Mexico) aims to develop a love of sport in students. Starting in 2019-20, certain teams will have formal competitions in a league. At this level playing time is shared equally among all committed members of the team. A skills’ based coaching method is used to develop a physical literacy and basic skills with sportsmanship/teamwork being key learning outcomes at this level. Team commitment is 2-3 days per week.


ECC athletics encourages students to have fun playing sport. The approach is non-competitive and skills based with team commitment of 2 days per week.


League Affiliations

All Middle School and Upper School teams (with the exception of american football) are under the umbrella of the Association of American Schools in Mexico (ASOMEX) and aim to attend the annual long-weekend tournaments held throughout Mexico. Varsity and Junior Varsity teams compete in the following leagues with revisions made on an annual basis:


  • American Football – FADEMAC
  • Boys and Girls Basketball – S'cool Games
  • Boys and Girls Running - ASOMEX and local 5/10k races
  • Boys and Girls Soccer – CONADEIP, S'cool Games (Boys) Total Gol (Girls)
  • Boys and Girls Swimming – Federacion Mexicana de Natación
  • Boys and Girls Tennis - local dual meets, ASOMEX and CONADEIP
  • Volleyball - CONADEIP and Kiin Uts


For more information or further questions please contact Athletics Coordinator, Noah Randall: .