In ASF the “F” is for Foundation – Endowment Fund

ASF is the only non-profit private school with an Endowment Fund in Latin America.

Endowment fund is an invested pool of money that provides a reliable source of income in perpetuity, that pays out a small portion, that goes to different programs. 

Our Endowment Fund is a restricted fund, established in 1988 with the purpose of providing financial aid to qualified families who otherwise would be unable to afford an ASF education for their children. It is based on an application process including a complete socioeconomic study by a third-party agency.

  • Currently the Fund supports more than 16% of the student body, at an average of 50% of financial aid. 
  • It is the Board of Trustees’ goal to increase up to 20% of the student body with Financial Aid in the next few years.
  • Thanks to the Endowment Fund for Financial Aid, we are able to strive for a diverse and inclusive community .
  • Donations are deductible under the Mexican tax law and could be, One annual or several monthly installments.


Ways to help

Events: Another way to help

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are made up of organizations and companies with global reach that share a similar mission and vision as ASF, and that through their reputation and worldwide presence, support ASF in its fundraising efforts and community building events. We are forever grateful for these alliances and value their contributions to this institution. Our current strategic partners are: