The ASF debate team makes our school proud as they return home victorious from the bilingual Churchill School Debate Tournament held on April 5 and 6. After two days of arduous competition against the members of the Asociación Mexicana de Debate encompassing a variety of schools from across the city, the ASF Debate Team came back to the Paul Williams Upper School Building with a first place trophy. ASF’s team members: Mariana Icaza, Luz María Guerrero, Miriam Specka, Stanislaw Ostyk-Narbut and Valentina Giray represented the opposition in the final round against the Edron Academy debating the following motion: This House Believes That the Pink Tide in Latin America caused more harm than good. The evidence and arguments in favor of the socio-economic policies that left-wing governments developed during the Pink Tide demonstrated a high level of critical thinking from our debaters. Their very destructive rebuttals and points of information invalidated the proposition. Nonetheless, this high stake stand off couldn’t have been won without Luz Ma and Mariana’s application of neo-colonialism to contest the anti-American interventionist policies that the Pink Tide brought with it, justifying Latin America’s attempt to free itself from the shackles of the neoliberal economic system. The team relishes the success of this event and is ready to take on the challenges of the year to come as we close off the debate circuit with a victory for the ASF Bears.