In an arduous two-day tournament held from November 30 to December 1 at the Liceo Franco Mexicano, our ASF Debate Team participated in a round-robin, demonstrating their previous research and all the hours they had put into their oratory skills during our weekly practices. The team debated a wide range of topics, from Brazil's democracy crisis, to the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya in Myanmar, to Feminism within commercial culture.

In a decisive debate, our students clashed against the Liceo’s powerteam. Debating whether or not Brazil should implement a negative vote to its presidential elections, both teams managed to carry out successful arguments and influence the judges to their benefit. The first and reply speaker, Mariana Icaza, the second speaker Julia Yerin Kim, and the third speaker, Mauricio Ibarra, presented three strong claims; incentivizing governments to reduce hate speech, spurring participation, and getting a holistic understanding of the candidate in favor of the negative vote. Unfortunately, this debate resulted a loss for the ASF debate team. The judge’s decision was split, meaning that coming up with a winner came down to our speaker points. In the end, the experience allowed us to reflect on our skills and our overall teamsmanship.

We are proud to announce, that we won 3rd place with a total of 10 ballots, winning four out of six debates. Congrats to Mariana Icaza, Mauricio Ibarra, Stan Ostyk-Narbutt, Valentina Giray and Julia Yerin Kim!  We also received two Best Speaker Awards; a 2nd place for Mariana and a 3rd place for Noboru Tsuru from our Middle School team!

Our debaters have surely learned each of their teammate’s strengths and weaknesses, which will ultimately fortify our bonds and skills as we move forward with our practices. Keep up with the good work db8ers!