Student Voices: TECMUN Experience

By: Viviana Morales, Grade 8

Being a MUN student requires dedication, leadership, and responsibility. On October 8, 2018, the MUN grade 8 class set out to prove these skills during their first conference outside school. They attended Tecnológico de Monterrey for the 26th TECMUN Jr. Some of these students had previous experiences, but for others, this was their first time as part of a committee. These students had one month to prepare, carrying out research, writing position papers, and producing opening speeches. Even though the conference only lasts three days, the students enjoyed every last bit of it. They learned new tactics, they were awarded and most importantly, they had fun. During the sessions within the committees, these students had to learn other types of rules and procedures and adhere to strict guidelines but were still able to go through it.

Middle School and Upper School students attended this year’s official TECMUN. All types of committees were chosen, based on the topics that the students were interested the most. Students who signed up had to attend the three-day conference for six total hours of debate, where they discussed world problems by finding solutions to them, through simulations which allowed students to assume a country’s position to debate about this. Throughout the sessions, the delegates further approach a common solution which is drafted and later on developed for these creative minds to determine a resolution.

Pamela Peñaloza, a student who participated in the United Nations for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women was able to share her opinion about TECMUN: “TECMUN was truly an experience to demonstrate who the leaders of tomorrow will be, and to further enhance several of my academic skills. It was an enduring experience that I hope I get a chance to repeat at another point in my education”. Esther Braun, who attended to the Security Council Committee, also commented: “TECMUN was an experience that allowed us to practice the skills obtained in class but at the same time, it connected the class together forming an unbreakable bond”.

Victoria Chertorivski, with Pamela Peñaloza as a partner, was also a part of the Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women committee, and could mention her thoughts, “TECMUN was not just an intellectual experience, but an emotional one too. It is a place where you go to show your skills, and end up taking many more back home. I am sure that the experience became unforgettable since we were able to demonstrate our knowledge and strength as a class and as an individual. We are the future, let's make it better!" As Victoria remarked, she spoke of how all attending students got to take skills, memories, stories, and even friends to remember. As academic as this was aiming to be, it also helped students become closer as a class, as a family.

As for the other ASF MUN students, they were all equally grateful about the involvement with this prodigious conference. This life-changing participation for all of us taught each and every one to see the world in a different way, to learn to appreciate our home for us, the future leaders, to solve the dilemmas presented, and making the MUN grade 8 class  as united as ever.

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