Financial Aid at ASF: Shaping lives for the future

Education is one of the most important decisions a parent can make, and many of them feel that the individual attention children get from a private independent education represents a major investment. That said, The American School Foundation understands that parents often need help to finance their children’s education. Financial aid programs can provide families with options that may assist them in meeting educational expenses and achieving their educational goals.

As stated in its vision and mission, ASF is committed to promoting diversity within its community. To support this statement, the school offers financial aid for students from K-12, allocating significant funds each year to a budget that helps assist families in need. In turn, our school community benefits by attracting qualified families and students that otherwise would not have been able to afford an education at our school.

Ivonne, mother of ASF alumnus Matthew (’18), supports this statement by saying, “As a family that earned our income solely through my husband’s job, we couldn’t afford a full tuition at ASF. My husband worked in a humanitarian organization and I stayed home mainly caring for Matthew’s brother who is in the autism spectrum. As I see it, financial aid means an investment in future world leaders that in time will give back to their communities. Our son is inspired to give back to a nation because many people gave generously to the endowment fund for financial aid at ASF. It’s a circle of giving that grows and ultimately could transform the world that we are living in.”

Financial Aid was first established at ASF by the Board of Trustees in 1984, by creating an endowment fund. Today, 15.7% of the student body at ASF receives financial aid, with the goal of reaching 20% by the 2028-29 school year.

Alejandro is an ASF alumnus and father of two children who currently attend ASF and receive financial aid. “If there are resources available and the school can afford giving financial aid, it is important to offer it, because it makes a lot of students be able to make their dreams come true, as they can be prepared for life, college and whatever challenge they may encounter, making them not only good students, academically speaking, but well-balanced, responsible and honest citizens and individuals wherever they may live or do,” he assures.

“Financial aid at ASF is a win-win situation. The recipient wins because s/he gets into one of the best schools in Mexico and will have opportunities and experiences that will impact him/her for the rest of his/her life. The other students will have an opportunity to be friends with someone from another walk of life, maybe from another socioeconomic level; someone that is ready to take advantage of every class, every event, someone grateful and eager to give his very best,” adds Ivonne.

In order to assess each family’s financial situation, families are asked to submit an application supported by detailed financial statements, tax returns and other documentation. Parents pay for and undergo a socioeconomic study and the Financial Aid committee reviews all complete applications and determines the awards to be granted. This process is renewed on a yearly basis.

Alejandro is well aware of the impact financial aid can have on a family going through tough times. "During difficult financial times, the financial aid granted to us was crucial for my children to continue their education; without it, we couldn’t have continued sending our children to ASF. Having financial aid gave us the serenity to hold our jobs and patience, knowing that our kids would keep getting their outstanding education,” he expresses.

It is important to note that along with the benefits that financial aid offers, there are also rights and responsibilities for the recipients. Financial aid encourages students to do their best, as they must maintain a GPA above 80% and be involved in our community. Rodrigo (’13), an ASF alumnus who graduated as salutatorian of his class and received financial aid at ASF explains, “As one of the financial aid recipients during my time at ASF, I was motivated and disciplined to challenge myself through the many opportunities that the institution offers. The trust placed on my potential truly enhanced my confidence to succeed. As a result, I dared to enroll in a diverse set of classes and extracurricular experiences that holistically helped me achieve a healthy, balanced life that forged my identity. The basis of my personal and professional development was set by the opportunity of having been seamlessly immersed in the ASF experience, thanks to financial aid.”

“Through this program, ASF continues to be a global institution of academic excellence that openly accepts top talents by giving us an opportunity to succeed, leaving aside private financial restrictions. At the same time, financial aid recipients develop a sense of trust in ASF that motivates us to continue giving back, bringing us even closer to the ASF community. As a result, a sense of “Bear pride” continues to grow, even years after graduating,” continues Rodrigo.

Of course, financial aid at ASF goes way beyond the classroom and plays an important part in our students and families, often shaping their lives for the better. Rodrigo explains, “Without financial aid, I wouldn’t have been a part of the ASF experience, consequently impacting my present self. First of all, I wouldn’t dare to confidently consider myself a true global citizen, for ASF’s exposure to diverse backgrounds has taught me to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness behind each individual. Secondly, my career path would have been different as I wouldn’t have fully developed the critical thinking and analytical skills required in my Business School education or in my post-graduate experiences. I can confidently state that the pillars (respect, discipline, confidence, open-mindedness, among other values) set by an ASF education will endure throughout my professional development. Finally, I wouldn’t have the privilege of being a proud member of our welcoming ASF community. The long-lasting networks built, but most importantly the robust friendships made may result in subsequent future opportunities that are deeply rooted in our common, core ASF identity.”

In a different account, Ivonne describes how financial aid influenced her son Matthew’s decision to stay in the city, "Financial Aid made a great impact not only his education and his world view, but it is actually one of the main reasons we are still living in Mexico. You see, he originally went to ASF to be able to finish with an all American High School diploma and go back to the U.S. for college. During the course of Upper School at ASF he took IB classes, made great friends and he realized he could made a difference in Mexico rather than in the U.S. He decided to stay here for good and made this country his home."

The importance of ASF offering financial support lies in the core teachings that the institution instills. As the institution thrives on welcoming a diverse community, those who are recipients of Financial Aid opportunities are as much a part of the ASF community as any other member, bringing a seamless sense of belonging. Through this program, ASF leads by example, by welcoming and supporting individuals to fully unfold their potential and become successful and contributing members of society.

“I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if Matthew didn’t go to ASF. Much of who he is today was shaped through his Upper School experience. His love for Mexico, his hope to see a nation grow, the many wonderful experiences like soccer games, Debate, the MUN trip, the musicals, he even got to be in a rock band, the friends he made for life... ASF was fundamental in his intellectual and personal growth. Today Matthew is at the ITAM university because he got great education and high grades, all due to the financial aid he received at ASF,” describes Ivonne.

“Life without financial aid would have been different in every respect because my daughters’ education would have to continue in some other institution. ASF is the best school in Mexico and well-ranked around the world due to its diversity and high academic standards, which not many schools have. As a parent, I would like to take advantage of this  opportunity to thank the Financial Admissions and Financial Aid Office for having chosen my daughters to grant this aid,” expresses Alejandro.

“As life progresses, I keep reminiscing about my joyous experience at ASF. Receiving financial support has initiated a ‘domino effect’ of favorable circumstances, as it has implicitly opened many doors in my growth and development. Consequently, I continue appreciating the program, the institution, and its favorable results in my life,” concludes Rodrigo. Ivonne finishes by saying, “I treasured each year we were a part of ASF community, my son is a very proud graduate from The American School Foundation. We are forever grateful for the financial aid we received.”

To learn more about this subject, please visit the Admissions and Financial Aid section of the ASF website.

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