Parent Association's Mission

To promote the welfare of students and the integration of the community through hospitality, fundraising, and by seeking to improve communication within the ASF community.

What do we do?

Throughout the year the PA organizes cultural events to give parents an opportunity to get to know each other and go to special events in Mexico. Below are some of the more important events.

  • Art Fair: visited by more than 5,000 people each year.
  • Book Fair and Feria del Libro en Español: both have the goal to bring quality products to children to help them find the joy of reading and education at their fingertips. It also represents the philosophy of ASF keeping a balance between English-language and Spanish-language education and culture.
  • The Used Book Fair: entirely funded by the community and taking place during Earth Week. Everyone is invited to recycle their old books to sell for a low price so that others can enjoy them.

Throughout the school year, the PA also organizes cultural trips to different exhibitions and special events in Mexico City.

Meet the Parent Association Executive Board

Angelic Alemán
Marcela Ortiz de Montellano
marilyn franco
Katia de lassé
maru fonseca

Parent Association Experiences