Welcome to Paw Prints!

This is our first ever ongoing Alumni Fund that promotes Alumni helping Alumni. 

The fund was established within the endowment fund in November of 2020. At its heart, the mission is to support children of Alumni with Financial Aid, to ensure that the ASF Legacy can be passed on from generation to generation regardless of economic situation. 

 We believe that, more than anyone, alumni understand the school’s mission and values, and therefore the overall benefit of an ASF education. And, as of June 2021, 4 students (3 in upper school and 1 in middle school) are receiving financial aid through Paw Prints for the 2021-2022 school year!


This is just the beginning and we know our alumni can make a world of difference!

To support this alumni initiative click here - https://giving.asf.edu.mx/ - and for more information please contact the ASF Alumni Coordinator (alumni@asf.edu.mx)

We thank you for your continued support in our ongoing efforts! 

- From Bears to Bears.