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Alumni association president

Ana Elena Pérez


Communications specialist

Victoria Merino

Alumni relations specialist


Alumni Association

The Alumni Association Council leadership group is composed of four officers and seven chairs of committees. The positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are filled through an election process and the Chairs of Committees are selected by the officers.

The Association exists to help alumni stay connected to ASF regardless of where they are in life by promoting events, networking and gatherings. The main events organized by the Alumni association are: Alumni Bowl, Career Day, ASF Talks, Alumni Soccer Tournament and Run for Education.

Alumni Communication 

The Alumni Communications Position is part of the Communications Department and is responsible for all major alumni communication platforms and channels: Alumni Newsletter, Alumni Profile, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Alumni Office 

The Alumni Office is part of the Institutional Advancement Office and is responsible for coordinating and organizing major fundraising events along with Alumni Reunions and Alumni Tours.