Alumni Stories and News

- Robert Albarrán (‘05): 

Robert Albarrán is the real deal. He earned his PHD in Space Plasma Physics as an Astrophysicist. He currently works at NASA, where he investigates and researches about black holes, their purposes and compositions. Recently, we were honored by  his visit on campus to give  ASF 6th graders  a hint of what it is to work in NASA. He inspired them  to reach for the stars and to truly become real life rocket scientists. 

Robert has published more than 15 space, physics and scientific publications that have impulsed his research and findings. Thank you Robert for the wonderful talk you gave for future scientists, our little bears were very impressed by your great talk.

-Alina Askiyote (‘12)- Mosaico:  

Since Alina Graduated from Yale University with a degree in Anthropology, she returned to Mexico City and Co-Founded Mosaico Mentors. It is a non-profit organization that helps students define academic goals, prepare for standardized tests, develop a personalized list of colleges and universities, and complete the college application process. She has taught several classes and workshops on social justice issues and gender equity. She loves learning from her students and creating spaces of dialogue. She’s passionate about helping students find joy in learning and agency in their lives.

If you want to learn more about Mosaico and their College Guidance  click here!

-María Inés Olmedo ('06). Theatre production Company MIO PROJECTS. 

Instituto Cultural Helénico: Obra Emilia 

María Inés Olmedo is a creative producer and Founder of MIO Projects, an independent theater and opera production company since 2012 in Mexico City and since 2018 in England, UK.

She graduated with a degree in Communication and Film from the Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Directing from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. 

Her most recent productions are; Tebas Land by Sergio Blanco, which she brought for the first time to Mexico under the direction of Mauricio García Lozano, receiving multiple nominations and national awards, and EMILIA by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, which is currently in season in CDMX until May 21 at the Teatro Helénico.

María Inés is based in London and works between Mexico and the UK, developing projects for both countries.

The discount code for ASF: EMILIAASF

You can use it when you buy your tickets on the website:

For more information on our social networks: @emiliateatro and @mioprojects.

Where: Helénico Theater (Ave. Revolución 1500) by Altavista/San Angel. 

Dates: 6 weeks left! Until May 21st.

Performances: Thursday and Friday 8pm, Saturday 7pm, Sunday 6pm.


-Deborah Koenigsberger (‘07): 

When Deborah Koenigsberger had an encounter with Guillermo del Toro at a small event honoring his new movie “Pinochio”, it led her to creating the first ever NYC’s first Mexican Jewish Film Festival. Koenigsberger, the president of Tribeca Synagogue, was impacted by the word by Del Toro “Every Mexican outside of Mexico is an ambassador of the culture of Mexico.’” This really stood out to Koenigsberger.

Although she had never made films, she did have among her acquaintances several Mexican Jews who "made impressive films". So, she thought, "why not have a festival that celebrates them?" And so the MJFF was created. 

The festival was held from April 2nd to 5th, 2023. So proud and honored of Deborah and this amazing accomplishment!

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