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ECC Turtle

Did you know that the Turtle at ECC, the one we all grew up with and struggled back in the day to climb, was an Upper School art project back in the early 70's? 

Today, the Turtle is such an iconic and special part of the ECC experience. The Turtle is the first thing students see when they enter our School, and they often play or have lunch in the famous "Turtle Patio".

Every year, the turtle is repainted and named by Kinder 3 students.

This year the turtle's name is Tortugetti Sprinkle and was re-inaugurated with a ceremony and activities for the ECC students, organized by the Maker Space. Magy Álvarez, an alumna from the Class of 1972 shared her memories of when they created the Turtle as an art class project. 

Do you remember climbing the turtle?

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