Alumni Stories and News

Soo Bong Peer (‘71)

Soo came to The American School from Korea in 1967, during that time her father was the Korean Ambassador to Mexico. She discovered a very different world that made and impact on her, especially the diversity that she found in the halls of ASF. She even wrote a book about the importance of diversity. She was very emotional walking around the campus that she remembers fondly. Soo and her husband Steve currently live in Utah and promised to come back to visit again.







 Sebastian Bellm (‘11) 

Sebastian attended ASF from 2004-2008 (5th-9th grade). He is now a Lawyer in Chicago and came to Mexico City with his wife for vacation. He enjoyed showing her around campus and was very impressed with the new buildings.





Daniel Russell (‘83) and David Russell (‘79)

Daniel and David attended ASF for a few years and then had to move with their family abroad. Nevertheless, ASF will always hold a special place in their memories. They had not been back since they left in 1980 and this year they decided to take a trip to Mexico City to visit their former homes, favorite places, and of course the ASF Campus. Daniel even brought his ID and told us he is hoping to reconnect with his former classmates.






Ji Hye Irene Jeon (‘07)

Irene was so excited to be back on campus. She had not been back since she graduated high school in 2007. After Graduation Irene moved to South Korea where she met her wonderful husband, Dong Kun, who also accompanied her on the tour. She was so eager to observe all the modern changes the School has undergone and all the old things the school has maintained the same, such as her old Middle School, the PTA Plaza, and the Blacktop. 

She told us that even though she lives in South Korea, and is far away from Mexico, many ASF Alumni meet once a year in South Korea for a multigenerational reunion, which makes her feel closer to home.



Tavo Hellmund (‘83)- Tour Wife.

Tavo and his wife came to visit ASF Campus as they are considering relocating to Mexico. ASF has always been their first option. Tavo (Class of ‘83 Alumnus) recently had his football reunion during the Art Fair and reconnected with so many wonderful Alumni. Then, he had a crazy idea and wanted to bring his family from the United States to Mexico, so his children could relieve the amazing opportunities and relations ASF gave him with a multicultural and global education.



Mike Kassem (‘77) Jillaine Kassem (‘87)

Mike Kassem (‘77) lives in the United States and he has a tradition of bringing each of his children to visit ASF when they graduate from high school. His youngest child, Ronan, graduated in 2020 so they finally made the trip this April. His sister Jillaine (‘87) lives in México City and joined them in the tour. It was a very nostalgic visit where he could show his son around campus sharing lots of anecdotes, like the tree in the Founder’s Garden, planted by the Class of ‘77. 



Rafael Zardain (‘15)

Rafael Zardain (’15) is now based in Barcelona and travels all around the world. He had not been back on campus since graduation, and he was delighted to meet many of his former teachers; Ms. Renee Olper, Ms. Lara Schupack, Ms. Graciela Miranda, Mr. José Carlos Alanís and Mr. Pacheco.




Kathy Geib (‘84) and her husband Greg Geib

Kathy Geib (‘84) came to visit the ASF Campus with her husband Greg. She attended ASF from Grades 1 to 8 and has very fond memories of that time. It was a very emotional tour, reliving her time in the Lower School. They were both happily impressed with the Makers Space, the Ángeles Espinosa Yglesias Fine Arts Center, and the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center. She promised to come back with her sisters.


We love that you come back to campus and get to relive cherished memories!

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