Once a Bear, always a Bear

The ASF Alumni Association exists to help Alumni stay connected to ASF regardless of where they are in life. It promotes ASF events, business opportunities, fundraising, personal development, and leverages a powerful and effective network of community role models.

The ASFAA helps build lifelong and mutually beneficial relationships between ASF alumni and the broader ASF community, and is an independent and collaborative voice; an ambassador and safe-keeper of ASF values.



  1. Alumni Members. There shall be one class of voting membership consisting of individuals who attended ASF for at least one full school year and left the school in good standing. Alumni Members shall be eligible to: i) vote in elections; ii) serve on the Council (term defined later in this document); iii) serve on committees of the Association; and iv) hold office in the ASFAA.

  2. Associate Members (Non-Alumnus). Associate membership shall be conferred upon all persons whose admission will contribute to the ASFAA ability to carry out its purpose, especially if they have made a significant contribution to the ASF or the ASFAA but did not attend the School. This type of membership may include parents of current or former students and current or former administrators, teachers or donors to ASF. They shall have no right to vote, to hold office in, or to serve on the Council of the ASFAA. Associate Members may serve in committees, but may not chair a committee).

All members should register on the ASF Alumni database and should sign the ASF Privacy Agreement. Interested on becoming an ASFAA member? Please contact our Alumni Office at

Meet the Officers

President, Ana Elena Pérez (‘85)

Vice President, Fernanda Rex  (‘97)

Treasurer, Margarita Doehner (‘99)

Secretary,Monserrat Plascencia  (‘04)

Meet the Councilors

Governance Committee: Rodrigo Gutierrez (‘97)

Nominations Committee: Bárbara Estrada (‘76)


Culture & Values Preservation Committee: Helga Klein (‘90)

Sports Committee: Leon Merikanskas (‘93)

 Hosting and Volunteers Committee: Lourdes de la Llata (‘99)

Career Day Committee: Verónica Aguilar (‘92)