ASF Stories and News

Our community has so many hidden talents that we've decided to share them with you! With ASF Stories you'll be able to know a bit more about our outstanding community and, hopefully, will inspire you to become an ASF Bear. 


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Diversity and Inclusion

ASF seeks talented students and families from different nationalities, religions, cultures and pursuits that are committed to the vision and mission of the school, regardless of financial capabilities. The school actively recruits and supports students and families who have demonstrated leadership in the arts, academics, athletics, community service and entrepreneurship, among others. Diversity is valued as a means of enrichment and integral to the formative process of an ASF student.

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ASF Events

At ASF we celebrate different events to bring our community closer. From our annual Golf Tournament, the Holiday Bazaar and our Art Fair, to more local ones such as the Book Fairs or Toy Drives. Our community has enhanced these events to embrace community service, support our Endowment Fund and simply have fun!

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The ASF community keeps growing by the year and our alumni are always welcomed to keep in touch; because remember...

Once a Bear, always a Bear!

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Parent Association

The PA organizes events and efforts that build community, raise funds, support faculty and staff and enable parents to be more involved in their children's lives at school. It also serves as an intermediary between the school and parents, communicating and informing parents about different events and activities and building a sense of community among the student body as well.

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Bear Boosters

The ASF Bear Boosters Club is a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers and alumni that seeks to build community and develop school spirit, supporting junior varsity and varsity athletes and teams.

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