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January 2019

Open Call

Eduardo Terrazas

Eduardo Terrazas

Save the Date for ASF Talks 2019

March 20

ASF Talks is an alumni initiative that showcases the talent of the ASF community in an event where speakers give a nine-minute TED Talk-style presentation in the school's Fine Arts Center. The event includes a networking experience with food and drinks and an art exhibit by remarkable alumni. Our community connects with different generations and students learn from decision making professionals, inspiring positive change in the world. This year our program will include a special appearance by renowned alumni such as Eduardo Terrazas, an icon of Mexican architecture and design, and H. E. Mr. Federico Salas Lotfe, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, Permanent Delegate at UNESCO, Diplomat since 1989 and Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor-Leste since 2015.

Run for Education: Honoring the Memory of Paul Williams

Registration is now Open!

The 9th edition of Run for Education will be held on March 10, 2019. Today, most people do not know how this race came about or how it even got started. About 11-12 years ago, the Alumni Association was stumbling and close to disappearing with no clear mission or leadership. At that time, Paul Williams, who had just been named Executive Director became involved. Funding was important for school and the Alumni Association was expected to chip in with its share.

A group of alumni, myself included, decided to take on the challenge and started thinking of ways to create a solid community of alumni, parents, students, family members and school staff. Our mission focused on creating a one that would have fun, exercise, learn and grow together. We needed to find a way to raise funds for school and keep people interested.

At that time, it became clear that we needed to find events that the entire community could participate in, while generating funds at the same time. We thought a race would bring all these things together and more. At the time, the Alumni Association did not have credibility or support from school. In fact, the association was viewed as an unnecessary expense. However, the one man that believed in our idea and more importantly in us as alumni, was Paul Williams.

He supported our ideas and the race against all odds. I remember Paul saying, "Give them time, they will come through... They always do. I know them and I trust them". Not only did Paul support us and back us, he got us seed money and an account within school to keep track of our earnings for events.

I am sure Paul had to weather a lot during those years. As every big project, the race did not make money the first year, in fact we lost money as we began the project. Paul was firm and found a way to keep supporting our project. The idea simply made sense: it helped build community, it provided a fun way to exercise, and it raised funds to support education.

It took us three years to finally break even and recruit 1300 adults and child participants. We were finally starting to make some noise. ASF was the first school to host its own race, creating a tradition and well established event in Mexico City. Many other schools followed our footsteps but have not yet managed to see similar results.

As we enter our 9th year with record assistance and positive numbers for fundraising, l look back and remember the long meetings, discussions, planning and issues we had to get through to achieve what we have and cannot imagine getting here without the unconditional support and guidance of Paul Williams. I truly believe this is his race and will always be. It will be hard for me to run and not see Paul greeting me at the finish line.

ASF Alumni Association

León Merikanskas ('93)

In Loving Memory of Paul Williams

By Camila Gómez Díaz Barreiro ('14)

To an incredible human being, you will be deeply missed.

I remember going up to Paul to talk about an initiative that would help hundreds of kids with cancer afford their treatment. He let me into his office and listened thoroughly. Even though I was only 16 years old, Paul made me feel like a colleague, exactly what I was aiming for while I scrolled through the presentation slides. He gave me feedback and approved what would later bring us together as a community in assistance of others.

I didn't realize it at the time, but the way he treated me triggered my confidence to speak out and stand strong from that day on.

Paul, I thank you with all my heart for empowering me back then. I wish you knew that every time I walk into a conference room, I see you sitting at the other side of the table.




Daniela Escalante ('02) just released her first single, "Uplifted". You can listen to it on the following music platforms worldwide: Spotify / iTunes

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