ASF proudly highlights some of its outstanding alumni. All of them are clear examples of the values of the school: justice, understanding and truth.


December 2018


Vanessa Calva ('95)

Executive Director for the IME, Mexican Diplomat


Vanessa is a member of the Mexican Foreign Service, currently serving as Executive Director for the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, office responsible for promoting strategies, programs and cooperation action to foster the empowerment and integration of Mexican nationals abroad, and strengthen their ties to Mexico. She's been an outstanding foreign service official with a fast-growing career, accumulating successes in Mexico, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Colorado. She's a published author and an advocate for LGBT rights.


Vanessa is a Distinguished Alumna for representing our school values of diversity, inclusion and understanding, not only in Mexico but also abroad. She's an ASF old-timer and was a committed athlete during her years at ASF. She shares her story at ASF and a few reflections from the past and future.


Vanessa attended ASF thanks to her her parents. "My parents, Tere and Joel, decided they would enroll me at ASF – eventually, my sister Larissa joined too – even before I was born! They were set in providing me with the best learning environment, focusing not only on the academic curricula but also on my personal growth. ASF represented the best option to acquire knowledge, skills, confidence and a unique overall education. After a year in the Montessori School, I was enrolled at ASF in K2.


We were a middle-class family and it was due to my parents' work, sacrifice, love and vision that I was able to receive this excellent education. I was one of the lucky students that were supported through ASF's generous Endowment Fund for Financial Aid – throughout my student career, I strived to keep excellent grades, to participate in after school and student activities, to be worthy of such a distinction. My mother participated at the Parent Association throughout all of the years we were enrolled – she was actually President of the Art Fair – and was fully present and involved in our education as was my father."

One of her most treasured memories was playing sports, since that's where she made her everlasting friends and discovered the joy, thrill, commitment and privilege of being part of a team. "Additionally to the physical and competitive aspect that motivated me, it truly shaped me, and made me realize the importance of working with others to achieve a common goal and support each other through it. It taught me the thrilling elation of winning, of contributing to your team's victory. It also made me learn what it feels to lose, to not give up, to find comfort in knowing you gave your best."

ASF prepared Vanessa with its academic backbone, it also taught her how to be a confident woman, to stand up for her beliefs and the value and importance of respect, teamwork and commitment. "I learned how to speak my mind in a constructive, inquisitive manner, and to pursue my goals enthusiastically and with integrity."

She advises current students to take advantage of all the resources ASF provides. "Engage academically and in other activities that can be as important as classes. Appreciate the culturally diverse and rich environment we are immersed in since a young age, that forges our beliefs and attitudes as adults. Engage with your teachers, visit the Learning Centers!"

Vanessa reflects on the future and the challenges of today's students. "A world where information is so easily available, opens the door to misinformation, prejudice, bullying and hate. Now more than ever, we need informed individuals that are able to speak up and advocate about important issues that go beyond our immediate personal needs. Our world is extremely connected, and we cannot afford to have a closed mind and heart to address all the changes and challenges we are facing and that are yet to come. Diversity, inclusion and respect are pillars I learned from my years at ASF, and I am grateful for that unique opportunity."

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