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November 2018


Open Call


ASF Talks Art Exhibit

Tell a story about your dreams through a unique point of view. Show us the magic and struggle one has throughout a life of dreaming. Share the mindset of those who dare and challenge what's expected. Engage others into your vision of dreaming and becoming what others view impossible. Relive the thrill of breaking the rules and rebuilding what once was taken for granted…

Some of the talented alumni that exhibited in the past include Sean Aguirre ('04), Anna Tazzer ('02), Galia Venguer ('03), Sofía Fernández ('08), Jennifer Hogan Troice ('05), Alexa Rosengaus ('15), Othiana Roffiel ('08), Gabriel Wertman ('11), Alexia Camil ('00) and Rafaella Freyre ('03).

It is an honor for our curatorial committee to receive your submission to form part of the ASF Talks Art Exhibit. The Fine Arts Center will exhibit your work for a few days prior to and after ASF Talks on March 20 for two weeks. Applications must be submitted by December 1 and the curatorial committee's decision will be communicated on December 15.

Mentoring Program

ASF has a large community of talented alumni willing to guide our students through their professional development and career choices. Become a mentor and help them build resumes or arrange a mock-up job interview. You can also help them build their portfolio for any artistic profession. We already have a base of mentors that connected with our students during Career Day. Interested in participating? Email us at


Volunteer Opportunities


Is your class represented in all our initiatives? Alumni are class representatives and they share the latest news and help us spread the word on any of our activities involving their class. If you would like to help organize class reunions or be the admin of your class chat or Facebook group this is the perfect job for you! Contact Anakarina Piña at the ASF Alumni Relations office for more information at 5227-4966.




Do you have any important announcements that you would like to share with our Alumni community? Please submit pictures and stories to


Community Updates


Distinguished Alumni


Every month, the Alumni Office features an alumni that has an outstanding story to tell about their profession in different industries. The stories we tell focus on how our alumni have represented the values of justice, understanding and truth in their everyday life. Do you know someone from your class that deserves this recognition? Email us at

ASF Alumni Database


Thanks to our Class Reps, we have increased our database registration to a 60%. Don't miss out on news and events!


Upcoming Class Reunions


AHS69 will have its 50 year reunion. Don't miss out! Contact the organizer through our offices at

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