ASF proudly highlights some of its outstanding alumni. All of them are clear examples of the values of the school: justice, understanding and truth.

October 2018


Fernando González Climent ('92)

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Cuadrante Estrategia y Comunicación


Fernando González Climent is a graduate from New York University (NYU) in Communications with a specialization in Mass Media and Propaganda. He is a highly analytic individual that strives to understand human interactions. He has worked in the field of communications for over 20 years, leading hundreds of campaigns for civil organizations from the private and public sectors, including brands like Mattel and Tefal. He has worked for renowned agencies that have shaped the media industry in Mexico City, including Edelman, a partnership in Guerra Castellanos y Asociados to Managing Partner, and as a Co-Founder of the Media and Communications Agency Cuadrante. Cuadrante is a fast growing agency with clients like Mattel, Palacio de Hierro and Tec de Monterrey, where he partners with communications experts and experienced journalists. Fernando is a Distinguished Alumnus for his contributions to the communications field as a visionary in connecting international companies to Mexico's media industry and Mexican talent. With his characteristic sense of humor and charm he shares his most treasured memories about his time at ASF and reflects on the challenges he sees for future generations.

Fer came from a very diverse family with a multicultural upbringing, growing up in Dar Es Salaam, Moscow and Cologne. "I was so lucky to be able to travel. I had the opportunity of growing up and experiencing different cultures in different moments, which allowed me to have a broader, richer view of the world and its people." He had two stints at ASF: first in 1980 in kindergarten and then in 1990, when he came back for Upper School. One of his most treasured memories at the school was dancing to Barry Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You" during Coach Michaels' PE class. He remembers that back in the day, outdoor sports were forbidden because of high pollution in Mexico City, so Coach Michaels ingeniously thought to enforce dancing lessons. "He would form two lines of boys and girls. I was always hoping I'd get to dance with the girl I liked." Fer made many lifelong friends at ASF that he still loves and meets up with to this day. "The friends I've made at ASF are my greatest treasure. Plus, my schooling shaped me as a bilingual professional with the highest standards, which has been an invaluable asset throughout my life." 

Fernando is very well known in the media for his wit and charm both in English and Spanish. His skills on crisis management, corporate communication strategies and branding expertise has earned him recognition by Merca 2.0 as one of the most influential marketing leaders. When asked what advice he would give to ASF students, he says family should always come first. He recommends people to be loyal to  friends and to learn how to dance. "Listen to music, all kinds of music. Laugh every day. Care deeply for your country and its people. Be a charmer. Drop your smartphone a few hours a day." When asked about the future challenges for this generation, he warns us that the world will increasingly become more difficult as a larger number of people fight for their place under the sun. "Change is constant, so kids need to be more prepared than ever before, to be sharper, stronger, faster... A multicultural education which is fostered at ASF is the best tool to thrive in our connected and diverse world." He believes that the new generation of public relations and communication professionals should be highly educated with a true commitment to social responsibility and truth, which are values that are proudly represented by ASF Alumni.

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