ASF proudly highlights some of its outstanding alumni. All of them are clear examples of the values of the school: justice, understanding and truth.

September 2018


Saskia Niño de Rivera ('06)

President of Reinserta Foundation


Saskia was born to a European mother raised in a Jewish family and a Mexican father who grew up in a traditional Catholic household. Her family was agnostic and values like love, respect, honesty, authenticity, loyalty, compassion, happiness, and justice prevailed above all. "ASF was the only school that promoted all these values and was not religion-oriented. Choosing another school was simply not an option. I attended ASF since the ECC, which makes me a proud ASF Old Timer."  

After graduating from ASF, Saskia Niño de Rivera went on to pursue an impressive career in humanities. She worked in the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (Coordinación Nacional Antisecuestros) and was the Deputy Director for Vulnerable Groups in Coyoacán in Mexico City. She was an intern at the Carstens Institute in the area of kidnapping negotiations, and a volunteer in the Education and Development Service to the IAP Community (SEDAC), where she worked on projects for the benefit of women in vulnerability. At 24, she launched Reinserta, a foundation dedicated to improving the penitentiary system in Mexico.

Saskia is currently studying a Master's in Human Rights at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), following her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana. Saskia is an ASF Distinguished Alumna for her professional achievements and her outstanding commitment to improve the life of those who have no voice in society.

When asked about her fondest memories of ASF, she talks about lifetime friendships, her first love, all the laughter and class activities like the Model UN, which gave her the opportunity to understand real life global events. She remembers organizing The White Silence Protest in Upper School. "This experience was without a doubt one of those moments that not only stayed with me forever but helped shape the person I am today."  Saskia confesses that she wasn't a straight A student, but admits ASF formed her character with leadership, philanthropic and social responsibilities, social justice, emotional growth and strength. ASF taught her about compassion, love, friendship and community since day one.

Saskia was chosen as leader of the first generation of women by Raising Talent Women's Forum and is one of the 3,000 people chosen by Ashoka Global in the world as a social entrepreneur. She was also nominated for the Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel 2016 Award and named "Next Generation Leader" by Time Magazine. She is winner of the UBS Visionaries 2016 Award, she has been recognized by Global Shapers and Women's Forum Rising Talent Mexico, she has been Vital Voices Ambassador since 2016, and in 2017 she received the Iberoamerica Honoris Causa Foundation medal for the work done in the defense of human rights.

On her advice to current ASF students, she suggests: "Don't think about what is expected of you, focus on what you want to do and who you want to be in your life. Success will be measured by the lives you impact. Pick a university that best fits your values and not by its global rank." Her life has been filled with challenges, however she strongly believes that passion in what you do is the key to success. "As an ASF Alumni that I have to procure ASF's values of understanding, justice and truth since they are what makes us unique. Without a doubt, I am who I am thanks to my time at ASF. My heart is with the American School Foundation, and this is where my children will be attending in the future."


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