These art projects will be based on two important artists: Wassily Kandinsky and David Gerstein. All these projects are based on the transformation process. Through reusing and recycling discarded materials and modifying their original function/purpose. Metamorphosis sees transformation as personal evolution.

This workshop gives participants the chance to work with unreal pieces and magical imagination strides from the artisan who created them, fantastic animal figures, and combinations of different animals that seem to have come from the dream world and embody the dreams and nightmares of their producer.

An exaggerated portrait of somebody can be a very fun example of transformation. Learning to see yourself through different eyes and developing the ability to laugh at yourself demonstrate great self-confidence and a positive attitude towards life.

Painting children’s faces gives them the chance to have fun, express themselves, turn into works of art and embody a different character. Becoming a different character or animal or simply painting colors and shapes in a face, brings a sense of freedom and awakens each child’s creative side.

Cardboard-making is the art of transforming cardboard into a piece of art. Participants can work with two designs: The “Alebrije” giraffe is a handmade artisan piece made using a mixed technique. The body is made of textile (“Manta”) the legs are made of cardboard; the “Alebrije” pen is a piece of cardboard (“Cartonería”) handmade with papier-mâché.

Mutants: Bodies that Transform is a mater transformation rally. This workshop is an exploration of how the human body directly affects mater (mud) to transform it and where participants directly observe the maters’ physical properties in relation to the human body. There will be three stations where participants will transform mud in three different states:  from stone to powder, from powder to dough and finally from dough to solid form. 

Natural Ink Extraction 

This workshop focuses on extracting pigments from saffron, beet and ash in order to make inks that can be used for art. Participants crush organic matter, add ingredients to make the ink and then use it to paint a mud pendant of approximately 4 x 4 cm.

Spin art is a fun activity in which children let paint fall on a rotating cardboard piece, creating beautiful color patterns. The artist can drop as much paint and colors needed to get the desired mixtures and designs. Each piece created with this technique is unique and unrepeatable. 

Participants will create a small mandala glass window by recycling an old CD, performing the following steps: Drawing a mandala on the CD, filling the draining with glass paint and decorating it with stones and sequins.

A traditional way of occupying the wood is transforming it into sawdust and staining it in different colors and thus being able to capture images referring to our culture.