ASF Talks 2019. Alumni and the community coming together to DREAM of a better future.

ASF Talks: Great Minds Come Together on Campus

The 6th annual ASF Talks premiered on March 20. With art welcoming attendees by alumni Sumie García ('05), Miguel Ángel Salazar (‘07), and Pablo de Laborde Lascaris (‘05), the tone was set for a new format and a night of erudite intellectual immersions that challenged all the senses. This edition of ASF Talks took on a new form that included the presence of alumni art, embedded videos, a panel discussion, and traditional talks. Anakarina Piña (‘99), Alumni Relations Specialist, explains, “We were trying to be more inclusive by having talks, videos, and the panel to open up to other speakers who were distinguished but couldn’t be there.” The experiment worked and the 6th edition marked a true evolution in the ASF Talks.


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ASF Talks Team
Sonia Arakelian Class of '76
Mauricio Culebro Class of '97
Nicolás Santa Cruz, ASF AA President
Adrián Justus Class of '88
Daniela Escalante Class of '02
Rubén Flores Class of '02
David Luhnow Class of '86
Coctel ASF Talks 2018
Coctel ASF Talks 2018
Coctel ASF Talks 2018
Coctel ASF Talks 2018