Let’s celebrate & have fun!

Cannot believe it!

50 years ago we graduated from High School at the ASF, it would be amazing to see each other again ¡

Thursday – We will again be at our old school, walk the halls, see the rooms, fields, gardens, Etc.

I am sure at the front door there will still be the same cop at the booth, the dugouts, the football field with the running track and its grandstands, the bathrooms where you may have smoked your first cigarette, the halls with lockers where some of us kept our passes to go out or go to the bathroom or skip class… The coffee shop, the ramp, and Oscar, do you remember? The pool, the art rooms, the gym… by the way, that one is not as you remembered there is a new one!

Instead, today, there is what is considered the best theaters in Latin America! 

And there is much more that has been adapted, remodeled, built and perfected on the Campus! Therefore, we can’t miss it.

But the best thing about the experience is to be back there, together! 

After the school tour, we will re-group and go to Xochimilco, to remember old times, smells, tastes, board the famous flower decorated “Trajineras”, cruise the Canals, and hear the Mariachi music and trios, try the local sweets and much more, all for us.

Friday – Next day we will tour the new elegant Polanco and the rejuvenated and beautiful down town in the morning. 

And starting at 2:30 PM, our party will get started with drinks and a beautiful buffet lunch and continue into the evening till midnight with great live music ……

Don´t miss out on any of these fun activities … 

Saturday & Sunday are free…..for more information please visit or contact 

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