Alumni Signature Event - ASF Talks 2019

March 20 - 6:30 p.m.

Meet the ASF Talks 2019 Speakers!

Alonso Iturbe (‘14) - Master of Ceremonies

After graduating Alonso obtained his bachelor's degree in Computer Technology Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Santa Fe Campus in 2018. During his college career, he founded a local chapter of the United Nations HeForShe campaign and is an active member in the gender equality movement to this day. He actively pursues amateur photography and musical theater; he starred in the ASF production of Les Misérables during his senior year of High School.


Alonso has a strong passion for sociology and futurism. He is especially interested in the ways emergent technologies will fundamentally change the way we live our lives and affect our societies.


After a few years in both business consulting and social startup scenes, he decided to focus on his passion for technology. Alonso currently leads the innovation efforts of one of the largest technology services providers in Mexico.

Alberto Mansur (‘95)

Lawyer and writer of his first novel, “Lo que mata no es la bala”.


Alberto is a trial lawyer with 20 years experience representing international and national companies in litigation and arbitration in matters concerning breach of contract, antitrust and economic competition, civil liability, class actions, corporate takeovers, real estate property defense, information technologies and software issues, among others.


His debut novel, titled “Lo que mata no es la bala”, was published in July 2019, by Ediciones B, an imprint of Random House for the Spanish speaking market. He’s currently working on his second novel.


He also co-authored “Competition Law and Practice: A Review of Major Jurisdictions. A Review on the major jurisdictions for Competition (Antitrust) Law in Brazil, China, Korea, India, Mexico, Russia, the European Union and the United States of America”, published by Cameron in May 2009. He’s an active contributor in several magazines, including Rolling Stone Mexico Edition, Forbes Mexico Edition and El Mundo del Abogado, where he was recently appointed to the editorial board. He also keeps his blog, “El Prietito en el Arroz” on and spends more time than he should on Twitter.

Arturo Cervantes (‘84)

Doctor of Medicine of UNAM.

Arturo graduated from ASF in 1984, and first obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, 1992), followed by a Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Public Health degrees from Harvard University (1993 and 1998 respectively). He is professor and chair of public health at the School of Health Sciences, Anáhuac University Mexico, and active member of the Violence Prevention Alliance of the World Health Organization. He is president of the National Alliance for Road Safety, and an anti-corruption trainer for Alliance for Integrity focusing on promoting road safety and sustainable mobility as well as on violence prevention using science and the public health framework. He collaborates with Mexicans against corruption and impunity, A.C. (MCCI), and he is also founding member of the IberoAmerican Observatory for Road Safety, and has been an active participant in the promotion of the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety in the Americas since 2011.

Diane Clement (ASF Middle School Activity Specialist) and Ricardo Godínez

Ricardo and Diane live their best dreams while awake. This way of living often means compromising, being in communication and meeting in the middle. Their story began quite randomly while chasing an Ironman finish line back in 2011. Boy meets girls while she races, at the finish line the date begins and well, it never ended!


As a duo, they know that there are no limits on what is possible. They are always open to life’s surprises and challenges as life, businesses and kiddos keeps them on their toes. They keep their dreams alive and thriving by making sure they never lose momentum. Some days this looks like Ricardo chasing Diane all the way to a finish line - quite literally. Other days it is Diane keeping the conversation flowing during the entire race. Being part of ASF Talks is aligned with Diane’s mission of encouraging people to realize their potential. And same goes for Ricardo, better known as SUPER-DAD, who runs his own company, Atomika, with the main purpose of helping people achieving their sporting goals.

Eduardo Terrazas (‘42)

Architect, artist and designer.

Eduardo’s learned practice spans architecture, art and design, achieving a lively mix of geometric study and handcraft. Using an approach that marries South American folk art and European avant-garde influences, Terrazas has produced more than 600 works over 45 years. He first became interested in folk art as a museographer, later collaborating with the Wixárika (commonly known as huicholes), a native Indian ethnic group. His series, “Constellations” (2013), involves traditional techniques of yarn painting on wood board and fine beadwork in beeswax, processes that render brightly colored or monochrome mathematical patterns with the formal rigor of De Stijl. His architectural training has led him to develop many projects in Mexican cities, while his design background informed his work as a collaborator on the design of the logo for the 1968 Summer Olympics.

Federico Salas (‘73)


Federico has a degree in political sciences from Harvard University and from Colegio de México.


He has been a Diplomat since 1989, with posts as Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor-Leste since 2015. He served as Ambassador to Israel from 2007 to 2015 and as Ambassador to the Czech Republic from 2001 to 2007. He has also been a Minister in charge of political affairs and relations with Congress in the Embassy of Mexico to the U.S. from 1993 to 1998; and Counselor in charge of political affairs in the Mexican Mission to the United Nations from 1989 to 1993. He was a visiting research fellow at the Center for Mexico and the U.S. at the University of California, San Diego and a Research professor at the Center for Research and Economic Studies (CIDE), at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad de las Américas and at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and The Mexican Diplomatic Academy. He has published several articles related to Mexican Foreign Policy and International Relations.

Marco Antonio Karam (ASF dad)

Founder of Casa Tibet Mexico.


Marco Antonio Karam founded of Casa Tibet Mexico in 1989, a direct disciple of the Dalai Lama and ASF dad. Tony has had extensive academic training in Tibet, Nepal and the United States during which he established a relationship with some of the most prominent Tibetologists and Lamas from the various traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Casa Tibet is an educational and non-sectarian cultural institution, created under the auspices of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (Nobel Peace Prize 1989), the Central Tibetan Administration in exile and the Tibet Office in Washington. It is also the first official cultural representation of the Tibetan people, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for Mexico and Latin America. Casa Tibet Mexico was inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in July 1989 and since then His Holiness has visited Mexico on four separate occasions.

Panel “The City we Dream of”

Moderator, Amanda Berenstein (‘97)

CEO of Weber Shandwick Mexico


As CEO of Weber Shandwick Mexico, Amanda is responsible for providing direction and developing communication strategies capable of building reputation and impacting business results of brands and organizations. At the end of 2017, the Mexico office was recognized as the fastest growing office in the network. Globally, Weber Shandwick was honored as the global agency of the year by PRWeek in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018; by The Holmes Report in 2017 and is considered the most awarded PR agency at the Cannes Creativity Festival.


Prior to her agency work, she worked in the area of Social Communications in the office of ex-president Vicente Fox, during the first three years of his administration (2000-03). Amanda has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, and a degree in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.


Amanda is on the board of various non-for profit organizations including CEMEFI (Center for Mexican Philanthropy), Museum of Memory and Tolerance, COMEXI (Mexican Council on Foreign Relations), CEMDA (Center for Environmental Law), ProEmpleo (Employee Partnership), and Causa en Común (Common Cause). In 2017, Amanda was named one of Mexico’s most powerful women by leading business magazine Expansion. In 2018, she was named a top woman in PR by PR News.

Andrea Cesarman (‘86) - Panelist

Architect, designer and curator.


Andrea has been a multidisciplinary and international creative consultant for renowned independent projects, foundations and companies. Achieving creative and business leadership in the design and architecture industry, contributing to a better country. She is the Co-founder and Partner of C Cubica Arquitectos. In 1990, she helped establish this architecture workshop focused mainly on the relationship between space, proportion and light.


Co-founder of Artelinea, in 2007, thanks to her work as a designer, she was led to design and create her own collection of furniture. Co-founder and Creative Director of Blend Design, in 2011, she founded the largest "Concept Store" in Mexico; Co-founder and Director of Content of Design Week Mexico, in 2009, on a quest to support Mexican design, she created the organization that promotes creativity as a cultural, social and economic value of our country.


Member of the Project Research Team and Member of the Board of Museum of Modern Art, in 2011, MAM invited her to be part of the Research and Projects team, as well as the Museum Board. Content Director of World Design Capital. In 2015, Design Week Mexico, in conjunction with the Government of Mexico City, won the designation to make Mexico City the World Capital of Design, 2018.

Andrés Lajous (‘01) - Panelist

Secretary of Mobility in Mexico City.


Andrés Lajous is a PHD candidate in Sociology from Princeton University with a Master’s degree in Sociology from the same institution and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He graduated in Political Science and International Relations from the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económica (CIDE).


He has participated in national and international forums regarding urban development and mobility and was an independent consultant for Claudia Sheinbaum’s campaign for a plan on urban mobility in Mexico City.

Gary Alazraki (‘96) - Panelist

Writer and director of Nosotros los Nobles.


Gary Alazraki is the writer and director of Mexico's record breaking comedy, Nosotros los Nobles (2013), and the Co-creator, Executive Producer and Director of Club de Cuervos (2015), Netflix's first original series in Spanish. He heads Alazraki Entertainment, a Mexico City-based production company focused on high quality entertainment for general audiences in Latin America and Hispanic U.S.A. Born and raised in Mexico City, Gary "Gaz" Alazraki studied in Boston for a year and did the second half of his college education at USC. He began his studies of Communications in the Universidad Iberoamericana, but after going on to take the eight-week summer program in New York Film Academy, he transferred to The School of Cinema in USC to pursuit a career in Film and Television.

Jorge León de la Barra (‘02) - Panelist

Head of New Projects, E Conduce.


Jorge is the Head of fleet management in Mexico City for E Conduce, the first service of electric motorbikes that has revolutionized the complex mobility of Mexico City with great environmental benefits. Managing a team of 20 people in charge of recharging, cleaning and rebalancing a fleet of 700 electric motorbikes doing 3000 daily trips, Jorge has been able to close deals for 50+ stations with strategic partners (Walmart, Dahnos, City Express among others), and is head of polygon definition for expansion of free-floating areas (currently 30 km2) as well as leading the transition through stationary to free-floating service model. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2007 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA from the ITAM.

Roberto Capuano (‘02) - Panelist

Director of Metrobús.


Roberto graduated from ASF in 2002, after having started in 1989 from K2. He’s an Environmental Engineer from Rutgers University in New Jersey and has an MBA from the London Business School.

Roberto’s career has been devoted to promoting and implementing sustainable development initiatives. In 2011, Roberto co-founded Enlight, Mexico’s largest solar energy provider for homes, which he exited after being acquired by Engie last year. Today he heads Metrobús in Mexico City as part of Andrés Lajous’ team in the  Department of Mobility. Their goal is to create a high quality integrated transport system which allows people to move faster in Mexico City.


Sumie García ('05)

Sumie García holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a specialization in film directing (2011). Her work as a visual artist has been shown in collective and individual exhibitions, both in Mexico and abroad, including the OCCenter of Contemporary Art (California, 2014), Pink Art Fair (Seoul, 2015), Salón ACME No. 6 and No. 7 (Mexico City, 2018 and 2019), La Acacia Gallery (Havana, 2018) and Zuecca Project Space Spazio Ridotto within the framework of the Venice Architecture Biennial (2018). She has been the recipient of the Young Creators FONCA grant on two occasions (2015-2016 and 2017-2018). As a filmmaker, Sumie directed the documentary Relato familiar, which premiered at the international competition of the Visions du Réel 2017 festival in Switzerland. Relato familiar won "Best Short Documentary Film" at the Morelia International Film Festival, Shorts México, the Canberra Short Film Festival (Australia), and was nominated for an Ariel award in 2018, by the Mexican Academy of Art and Cinematographic Sciences, in the Best Short Documentary category.

Miguel Ángel Salazar (‘07)

A graduate of the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico City campus) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and from SOMA (2016-2018), Miguel Ángel Salazar, also known as “Wimpy”, produces objects and videos that derive from a quasi-archaeological search of digital archives and the collection of personal memories. These digital and physical reproductions take a new form by reconsidering their association between the past and the present. A bridge is created between the physical and the digital, a constant crossing from one to the other; exploring the possibility of an interaction between new production processes and traditional. The reproduction of each object is an opportunity to fragment the digital and personal memory. He is currently working in the workshop of Emilio Chapela Pérez and Plinio Avila, Torschlusspanik.

Pablo de Laborde Lascaris (‘05)

Pablo de Laborde Lascaris is based between the United Kingdom andMexico City. It is through the orchestration of specific dialogues between two entities that Pablo’s work challenges the functionality of day-to-day objects. He does so by creating artifacts that either suggest a reinterpreted use, or objects that are made obsolete by the alteration of their shape, scale or material. His deliberate act of depriving an item of its actual purpose questions the traditional qualities of sculpture by destabilizing them within their historical contexts. Pablo holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Art from the University College Falmouth, UK (2011). Selected exhibitions include: A Blip, ASC Gallery, London, UK (solo show, 2016); Pitch, Galerie Gourvennec Ogor, Marseille, FR (solo show, 2013); Tide, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, UK (solo show, 2012); Pabellón de Las Escaleras, Guadalajara 90210, Mexico City, Mexico (group show, 2019); Synergia, Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City, Mexico (group show, 2018); The Artist and the Bricklayer, Pangaea Sculptors’ Center, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, London (performance, 2015); Les disciples d’Actéon, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris (performance, 2014), and ‘Since 1984’, Christ’s Hospital (West Sussex, UK, 2015). Selected art fairs include: FIAC! (International Art Fair Paris), In-Process (Paris, 2014), European Capital of Culture, Galerie Gourvennec Ogor (Marseille, 2013). Recent residencies and awards include: FONCA, Jóvenes Creadores Grant in Sculpture, (Mexico, 2018); Fibra, Textile Residency (Colombia, 2018); Cananea Residency with artist Manuel Munoz G.G MRBS (Sonora, Mexico, 2017); Bavaria Residency with artist Hex FRBS (Germany, 2016); Sculpture Shock, Royal British Society of Sculptors (Finalist, 2014); Artist-in-Residence, Christ’s Hospital school, Horsham, United Kingdom (2011-13); International Emerging Artist Award (Winner, 2013); and the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award (grant, 2012).