Alumni Council

The Alumni Council’s objective is to connect our thriving alumni in creative ways so we can actively and efficiently contribute to the ASF community. ASF Talks is one of the many efforts to empower, recognize and gather our tribe.


President: Mauricio Argüelles ('00)

Mauricio – better known to friends as Güicho – is a businessman, producer, actor, screenwriter, father of three and president of the ASF Alumni Council. Güicho remembers his years in ASF playing football for the Bears, creating tight-knit friendships and experiencing an eye-opening world in which he was constantly exposed to diversity and acceptance. Güicho completed a marketing degree at Emerson College in Boston, before pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles. Today, Güicho runs his own production company Epoca Films, and has starred in the the play “Huérfanos.” He wrote, produced and acted in the film “Una Última y Nos Vamos,” and produced and starred in the 2016 movie Pura Sangre. Güicho volunteers and participates in ASF activities as both an alumnus and a parent.

Vice President: Nicolás Santacruz ('03)

Better known to ASF friends as “Nicky”, Nicolás is an ASF old timer, a proudly married father of two and vice president of the Alumni Council. Nicolás says that ASF opened his eyes toward the truly global world we live in, and contributed to his understanding of community, tolerance, and diversity. Nicolás has a B.Sc. in industrial engineering from ITESM. He has worked at Vesta, General Electric and Engenium Capital holding positions in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil and specializes in business development, strategic planning and real estate valuation. His hobbies include kite surfing, playing guitar, cooking and travelling. He is most happy when spending time with friends and family. Nicolás is also a mentor in the ASF Mentoring Program. He is the master of ceremonies of ASF Talks, as well as the leader of the event’s speaker committee and speaker coach.

Secretary: Daniela Escalante ('02)

Daniela graduated ASF in 2002 and continued her studies at University of British Columbia and Universidad Iberoamericana. She was a speaker at the first ASF Talks and has been a member of the Alumni Council since 2015. She spent eight years as a digital journalist and anchor at Televisa, and now works as the alumni relations specialis at the American School Foundation. She is also a mother, poet, hula-hooper and very proud Bear.

Treasurer: Rodrigo Gutiérrez ('97)

Rodrigo Nar Gutiérrez Silva was born in México City and is an ASF old timer. After leaving ASF, he studied architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana and since then he has been active in the area of architecture and real estate, with his own studio. After studying architecture he expanded his studies in real estate at ITESM and UNAM. Recently Rodrigo decided to expand into designing and making furniture for residential and commercial spaces. He lives in Mexico City with his wife Martha and daughter Leonora.

Art Committee

  • Director: Alexia Camil: ('00)
  • Elias Kalach ('11)
  • Carlos García Noriega ('02)
  • Stephanie Gil ('00)
  • Daniela Escalante ('02)
  • Teddy Nanes ('09)

Hosting Committee

  • Director: Rodrigo Gutiérrez ('97)
  • Saskia Niño de Rivera ('06)
  • Sofía Silva ('02)
  • Mariana Veytia ('01)
  • Michelle Troice ('01)
  • Stephanie Gil ('00)

Media Committee

  • Director: Daniela Escalante ('02)
  • Sofía Silva ('02)
  • Andrés Barrios ('01)

Speaker Committee

  • Director: Nicolás Santacruz ('03)
  • Vania Niño de Rivero ('04)
  • Julio Salazar ('03)

Supporting Staff

  • León Merikanskas ('93)
  • Janet Huerta ('01)
  • Claudia Debler ('95)

Sustainability Committee

  • Director: Melissa Veytia ('06)
  • Tomas Gottfried ('00)
  • Fernando Madrazo ('02)

If you want to be a member of the Alumni Council, let us know: