Academic Overview

The aim of the Middle School is to ensure that students receive an individualized and well-rounded education through academic and social-emotional development. A standards-based curriculum is designed to support the variety of ways in which individuals learn. Our curriculum framework allows for conceptual and inquiry-based teaching and learning where teachers use current strategies and assessment practices to enhance the learning experience. We defer to project-based learning that enhances the cooperative nature of teaching and learning, differentiated instruction and grading and interdisciplinary units and inquiry that explore global contexts to understand human commonalities and ways to become contributing and purposeful citizens of the world. Additionally, we emphasize that all areas of teaching and learning must have a purpose, therefore, students must be able to express their learning in different ways and create ways to impact their community. Finally, our curriculum represents the continuity of building internationally-minded students who explore human commonalities and not only differences.

All classes are taught in English except Mexican Humanities and Spanish Literature/Language.

Students in the Middle School learn the fundamentals in core courses like math, science and language, following the best practices from around the world. Students also begin to explore personal interests through elective classes like art, chorus, drama and band.

Outdoor learning experiences provide ASF students with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, learn curriculum in a different way and discover new interests. In Middle School, ASF students have the opportunity to leave their textbooks behind to learn through outdoor activities that are highly educational and fun. These trips expose students to the amazing cultural variety of the sites we visit, while creating a live classroom in which to learn and explore. Whether it be canopy tours in the dense forests, a newfound understanding of the people and culture of an area or a trip to Washington D.C. for Capital Cities Week in grade 8, these opportunities invite students to learn first-hand.



Head of Middle School

He has served as a classroom teacher, a Department Chair, and as Instructional Chair for Social Sciences and Humanities. Recently, he has served with the Academic Innovation and Instructional Team and the Educational Technology Team, creating continuity and vertical alignment between the middle and upper schools in terms of curriculum, program planning, and strategic direction.


Jeff Whittard


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Meet the Middle School team

academic dean

Kristen Leutheuser

Dean of students

Alejandra Fernández

activities specialist

María José Iturriaga

Grade 6 counselor

Erika Zamudio


Meyali Pola

grade 8 counselor

María del Carmen Sánchez

national Junior honor society adviser

Lilia Caballero