Mission, Vision and Core Values


The American School Foundation, A.C. is an inclusive and diverse community, offering an international, academically rigorous, university-preparatory curriculum based upon the best of American independent education. In all aspects of life, we strive to be at our best: we love learning, live purposefully, and are empathetic, responsible, contributing citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.




The American School Foundation, A.C. is the preeminent English-speaking college preparatory school that prepares its diverse student body by design to be the leaders of tomorrow.
Rooted in over 130 years of experience, ASF exemplifies:

A Caring, Diverse Student Body and An Inclusive Community: The American School Foundation seeks talented students and families from different nationalities, religions, cultures and pursuits that are committed to the mission and vision of the school, regardless of their financial capabilities. The learning community values individual differences, diverse cultural perspectives and acts with thoughtfulness and humanity. ASF inculcates respect for democratic principles and a commitment to civic responsibility and service, seeking to encourage atmosphere of inclusiveness and promotes the active participation of its students, faculty, administration, staff, parents and alumni in goals, objectives, and decision-making. The commitment to the practice that students have a voice and a choice in their academic experience and activities is evident.

Academic Excellence: ASF seamlessly blends an American, Mexican and international curriculum to inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development. Students thrive because individual capabilities and learning styles are recognized. Students integrate creative and critical thinking, effective oral and written communication in all classes. Educators emphasize and encourage the meaning and value of community and the joy and importance of lifelong learning.

Talented Teachers and Leadership: The commitment to attracting and retaining exceptionally qualified educators shows. ASF is known for recruiting worldwide and for its investment in continuous training for faculty and staff.

Modern Infrastructure: ASF is a 21st-century learning environment because of ongoing investment and stewardship in: state of the art classrooms conducive to interactive learning; the finest technology, classrooms, science laboratories and athletic facilities; a new performing arts venue; the vanguard of technologies for students to research, work and communicate effectively.

Sound Financials: ASF has the soundest and most transparent financial policies that inspire confidence for a robust endowment. This enables ASF to remain a solid institution, capable of meeting its goals.

Because of its unity in vision, ASF achieves the ultimate goal of nurturing responsible young men and women who meet their highest potential and successfully face the considerable challenges of our global society.



Core Values