History & Leadership

From its beginnings as a kindergarten with a student body of nine and a faculty of one, The American School Foundation has evolved into today’s thriving educational institution of some 2,500 students and 220 full-time teachers. For over 130 years, many thousands of young lives have been enriched by an ASF education.

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ASF is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees elected by members of The American School Foundation. Members are elected for three-year terms and may be reelected for subsequent three-year terms.
The Board of Trustees holds the school in trust and is responsible for ensuring that the school continues to fulfill the mission adopted by the Board. Through its standing committees, the Board develops and oversees the school's strategic plan, maintains the financial health of the institution, seeks current and long-term philanthropic support, ensures that the physical campus is adequate to support the mission, monitors the progress and success of the educational program and sees to it that the Board follows accepted best practices of non-profit institutional governance.
Ten of the members must be U.S. citizens. The majority of current members are parents of students enrolled in ASF. Others are parents of former students and still others are alumni or friends of the school.


Board of Trustees 2020-21

Ernesto González Garfias - Chair
John Santa Maria Otazúa ('75) - First Vice Chair
Leonardo Franco Schlesinger - Second Vice Chair
María Novales-Flamarique - Financial Advisor
Rosa Luisa Marentes Dávila de Pisinger ('87) - Secretary
César Buenrostro Moreno ('85)
Thomas Raymond Favret
Patricio Gutiérrez Tommasi
Frances Elizabeth Ward Patton de Huttanus
Carl Eduard Koller Lucio ('88)
Mark Matthew McCoy Macdonald ('89)
Fernando Antonio Pacheco Lippert
Juan Francisco Serrano Kacz ('79)
Michelle Troice Martin
Claudia Gabriela Vallejo Tuccio
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Executive Director

Mark Iver Sylte

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