Message from the Executive Director

Mark Iver Sylte
Executive Director

Dear Parents,

While I cannot say it came as a surprise, many of us will admit to feeling disheartened when we received the news this week that schools in Mexico City are likely to remain closed through May 30. Distance is teaching us the value of community and social interactions and we look forward to being back together in the future.

Anticipating this, though, we began work over the Spring Break on a series of surveys for students, teachers, and parents to understand how each group is experiencing online learning, what has worked well that we should replicate and expand upon, and what is not working for each of these stakeholder groups.

On Tuesday, 21 April 2020, we'll release the first survey. With appropriate demographic questions to allow us to understand differences within a division or even year level, we want to ask questions about logistics (devices, connectivity, online tools), the learning environment, exemplary experiences, balance in life and emotional support, and suggestions for improvement. This will give us a baseline on the macro level of satisfaction within each of these important groups.

Many of you have written with feedback on specific programs or classes and this will be the focus of a second round of surveys on Tuesday, 28 April 2020. In this survey we will go class by class, teacher by teacher (specialists included) to identify strengths and weaknesses on a micro level. Our greatest resource for improvements has already been our own teaching staff in a "teacher teaching teachers" model of professional development.

I thank you in advance for taking time to participate in our surveys and look forward to sharing the results with the community at large soon after each one is complete.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Iver Sylte, Executive Director