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ASF Students Step Up!

K3, grade 5 and grade 8 students have proudly 'stepped up' and will be entering new divisions of ASF in August, 2019. All students received their diplomas in a ceremony in the Fine Arts Center, followed by a celebration with family and friends, where they enjoyed food and drinks to mark the end of this stage at ASF, and mark the beginning of an exciting new cycle!

Retirees Admire Brassaï

ASF retirees got together to enjoy breakfast at the Casino Español restaurant, followed by a visit to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, in downtown Mexico City, where they enjoyed an exhibit titled “The Eye of Paris”, by Brassaï, Hungarian-born French photographer, poet, draughtsman, and sculptor, known primarily for his dramatic photographs of Paris at night.

Raising Awareness about Learning Differences

On May 28 at 4:00, an exhibition titled Diséxitos, el lado genial de la dislexia y el TDAH was inaugurated in the Fine Arts Center (FAC), highlighting the trajectory of successful Mexicans with dyslexia or ADHD. The exhibition narrates the experiences of outstanding Mexicans and how they have overcome their differences and learning difficulties and used them to their advantage.

Athletic Excellence and Sportsmanship Award Gala

On May 23, 2019, the Bear Boosters held their annual Athletic Excellence and Sportsmanship Award Gala to recognize the school's exceptional athletes. Continuing with tradition, the female and male athletes of the year will be honored on the wall of fame.

Graduation Week

The Class of 2019 Commencement Ceremony took place on Saturday, May 25, in the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center. After a year of hard work, projects and final exams, 201 proud seniors paraded across the room, gleaming in their caps and gowns, and received their diplomas, after a series of touching speeches by different members of the community.

Two Seniors Get Perfect AP Scores!

Seniors Martina Duque and Enrique Gómez have been acknowledged as ASF's highest academically achieving students from the class of 2019. They were also honored because of their AP exam scores from 2018, becoming two of 675 students in the world to achieve a perfect score on an AP exam, placing ASF as one of 40 schools in the world to have two perfects scores in a given year.

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