ASF Talks 2017
ASF Talks 2017

Over four hundred and twenty members of our beautiful community came to the fourth edition of ASF Talks on February 23rd. The FAC was bedecked with Carlos García Noriega's sculptures and the Founder's Garden with Vertebral's Pavilion. Over fifty Upper School students actively participated in the construction of the Pavilion, ushering, interviewing, organizing waste management and more.

The theme was Sustainability, and every speaker shared their passion and knowhow during their ten minute participations on stage. Leaving the auditorium, all guests were invited to a delightful cocktail with Hercules beer, Mezcal Amores, Enovino wine, Buna coffee and Mente Verde juices, combined with a delicious dinner by Puntarena and Porco Rosso; all food and beverages were generous donations of the alumni community.

Thank you all for making this a fantastic night! See you next year.

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Here is a gallery with pictures from the event. If you want to read the full captions, visit our Facebook album